Qualtrics Survey Platform Gauges Quality Education

Qualtrics Survey Platform Gauges Quality Education

Qualtrics, the leading experience management and survey platform acquired by SAP in 2019, reveals new poll results that show students’ readiness for their first job.

ThePrint reported that a new poll organised by SAP and Qualtrics through its survey platform indicated that most people all over the world feel that local schools are not equipped nor prepared to help students be job-ready. Additionally, results reveal that only two regions had respondents that rated their schools as ‘good’ or ‘excellent.’

The Qualtrics survey platform asked the question, ‘how would you rate local schools when it comes to preparing students to get jobs today?’

The majority of the poll participants responded with a rating that says the local schools are underperforming. Overall, only East Asia and the Pacific and South Asia respondents voted with a positive rating.

Outside of the regions of the Americas and South Asia, the majority of the respondents believe that access to good education is still a privilege instead of something that the majority of the population of the countries can enjoy.

Delivering quality education is the fourth key part of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted all of the United Nations Member States in the year 2015 for its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The results show that there is still work that needs to be done, especially with the impact that came with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The survey also asked questions that gauged global cooperation and rendered positive results.

Across all regions, the respondents noted that it is ‘important’ or ‘very important’ for nations to work harmoniously towards a common goal.

South Asia and the Sub-Saharan Africa regions were mostly in favour. Western Europe turned out to be the least in favour. Although, globally, more than one-third of the respondents think that it is crucial.

In addition to this, the Qualtrics survey also gathered results indicating that people think it is a good idea and beneficial to do so. The majority of the respondents from every region responded with ‘mostly good’ with only 12% voting with ‘mostly bad.’

The results revealed that nations need to work together to meet common goals and deliver better and more positive results.

Ten thousand five hundred respondents from 30 countries all over the world participated in the survey, which represents three-fourths of the global population.

The recent poll was not the first time SAP and Qualtrics assisted in organising global surveys. In 2019, Qualtrics organised a survey and gathered opinions at the 2019 India Economic Summit to gauge the Indian population’s response to technology. The poll also comprised of more than 10,000 respondents from 29 countries.

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