Compliance and Reliability with Talend Cloud


Talend helps support the delivery of a reliable and compliant mobile betting experience to PointsBet’s customers worldwide.

Compliance and Reliability in the Cloud

Talend announced that PointsBet is using Talend Cloud and Microsoft Azure to deliver a unique mobile betting experience to just under 100,000 customers worldwide and support its international expansion. With Talend, PointsBet can connect and govern diverse data sources with speed, trust, and reliability across its IT infrastructure and ensure compliance with regulations as it expands globally.

“PointsBet is fully digital, and it’s critical we can access data in every system to ensure a streamlined platform. Talend helps us quickly and efficiently integrate all of our data and ensure we’re compliant across the board,” said Maayan Dermer, BI and Data Engineering Lead, PointsBet. “Talend is the glue between our systems, and has enabled us to reduce troubleshooting times from four to eight hours weekly down to an hour, while simultaneously improving our data reliability and stability.”

Global Expansion

PointsBet standardised on Microsoft Azure due to its scalability to handle peak online gaming requests and agility to quickly spin up new projects. Talend was a natural fit with out-of-the-box native support for Azure Blob Storage, CosmosDB, SQL Data Warehouse, SQL Server, Azure SQL Server, and Native SQL Server, as well as the flexibility to run workloads in the Cloud or on-premises . As PointsBet, who just recently was licensed to operate in New Jersey, starts expanding throughout the US, Talend will play a vital role in supporting the roll-out of its Data Analytics infrastructure and ensuring the company maintains compliance with varying state regulations. With Talend Cloud, PointsBet is able to provide a unified view of all of its data and comply with the periodic reports and requests of the online betting industry.

“It’s critical for data systems to maintain reliability and trust, especially in the cloud- and digital-first systems , not to mention when you are managing significant sums of money,” said Ciaran Dynes, SVP of Products, Talend. “PointsBet is using data to quickly respond to dynamic requests internally and externally. We’re proud to support the company as it grows and expands into new markets.”

For more information on how PointsBet is using Talend click here.

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