Omnicom Media Group to Support the SAP Brand

Omnicom Media Group to Support the SAP Brand

Omnicom Media Group—the media services division of Omnicom Group Inc., a leading global advertising, marketing, and corporate communications company—is selected by SAP as its global media agency network-of-record. Omnicom’s customized media unit, North Star, will be leading the innovative end-to-end marketing and unified customer and brand experience acceleration solutions for the global software company’s growth strategies and long-term vision.

The move follows an extensive review of SAP’s global media account (thought to be worth $50M) implemented by award-winning global management consultancy, ID Comms, which specializes in media and advertising. Omnicom Media Group’s PHD was the incumbent agency that has held the global media strategy, planning, and buying business since 2015. According to a report, PHD will continue servicing the SAP account for an interim period as the transition takes place—expected to be completed by the end of 2020. Furthermore, a few talents from PHD will continue to work with SAP as part of the North Star unit. 

Omincom Media Group CEO Florian Adamski said North Star is set to expand the foundation built by PHD over the past five years to create a totally connected, cross-agency operational network that enables a global vision for media while maintaining local specificity and execution.

Omnicom Media’s Customized Approach

Initiated by SAP Chief Marketing Officer Alicia Tillman, the transition marks a transformative moment for the business software solutions company in its vision of becoming a 300 billion euro (roughly US$352 billion) company within a few years and become one of the 10 most valuable companies in the world. Tillman explains,

“We thought it was important for us to have a well-rounded mix [of agencies], especially when it came to what they prioritized as their greatest capabilities. It was an interesting process because it also enabled us to crystallize what made the most sense for us. The timing felt right for me to take a closer look at our agency model. A huge objective of ours is continuing to evolve our story and show up differently as a brand.”

She also said the decision to create a reenvisioned solution with Omnicom Media Group’s North Star unit is a critical element in accelerating the SAP brand through a revitalized operational model:

“We are confident that Omnicom Media Group’s strategic capabilities, best-in-class tools and diverse, data-led approach will help SAP continue to grow our brand value, modernize our marketing capabilities to deliver innovative experiences most meaningful to our customers and the broader markets we serve.”

Moreover, Tillman explains Omnicom Media Group was selected because of the strength of its data and analytics platform, its global scale and reach, and more importantly, its ability to implement a customized approach that focuses on SAP’s current projects and initiatives in helping people navigate their lives during the global COVID-19 pandemic—including the SAP Spotlight Black Businesses, SAP’s response to the ongoing social justice movement in the United States. According to her, the company will be dedicating a portion of its ad spending to highlighting these businesses in August and September.

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