invenioLSI’s New GovOne Integrates SAP Activate Methodology


invenioLSI’s new solution deployment follows the SAP Activate Methodology, the next generation project implementation methodology that takes an iterative approach to deliver SAP innovations and solutions to increase quality and ensure success of projects.

Leading SAP consultancy and implementation partner for Public Sector and Services organisations invenioLSI has recently introduced a new approach to modernising public sectors’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems through GovOne. The new ERP platform offers governments– federal, state, and local– and higher-education customers in the United States the try-before-you-buy approach for their SAP S/4HANA implementations, accelerating digital transformation while reducing costs and common risks associated with ERP change or upgrades.

invenioLSI was formed from the merger of two market-leading SAP specialists Invenio Business Solutions and LSI Consulting in 2021– the former having a solid presence in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East and the latter in the utility, healthcare, educational, and government institutions in the United States and Canada. Driven by a shared commitment to deliver SAP technology and innovations to propel customer and employee success, the united brand invenioLSI is positioned to be a premiere global SAP partner for public services.

Explaining the consulting firm’s intention to help public sectors reduce risks when embarking on modernisation projects or upgrading legacy systems, Shyam Jajodia, Executive Vice President at invenioLSI, said that the new platform GovOne eliminates the traditional slide deck presentations and whiteboard diagrams usually used for illustrating concepts and SAP S/4HANA ERP capabilities.

“By presenting a solution that has been fully configured for federal, state, and local government use and tested, we can give our customers confidence that SAP S/4Hana with InvenioLSI, provides a solution that perfectly fits their public sector organisation, its structure, and policies,” he highlighted.

Integrating the SAP Activate Methodology

GovOne reflects invenioLSI’s innovative approach to digital transformation in the public sector, enabling government agencies to achieve efficiency and deliver public service with ease with SAP S/4HANA’s capabilities in cloud services, integrations, real-time analytics, and processing of larger transaction volumes. The solution integrates pre-configured business processes within the context of public sector processes, which includes budget control and grants award management as well project accounting, among many others.

The try-before-you-buy approach allows govenrments to implement ERP transformations at lesser costs and coding demands and shorter integration times. Aside from this practical benefit, GovOne also offers public sector organisations’ better visualisation of SAP S/4HANA including workflows, rules, and policies as it follows the SAP Activate Methodology, a reliable system for SAP S/4HANA implementation and conversion projects.

Built on the Agile methodology, the SAP Activate Methodology enables customers to go through 6 different phases of an SAP project implementation, from discovery to solving business pain points and actual use of the solution.

Discover Phase. This is the initial phase when a customer uncovers a need for a solution for business pain points and explores SAP solutions that match their requirements.

Prepare Phase. In this phase, both customers and partners align their expectations and give their mutual consent for the key activities for the success of the project. Business process owners fill in the Business-Driven Configuration Assessment questionnaire to fasten project delivery.

Explore Phase. In this stage, customers and partners finalise the business process to be followed in the new SAP system through a series of “Fit-to-Standard Analysis” sessions that showcase the SAP Best Practice business process flow. The Explore Phase is also when the “Customer Execution of Standard Processes” is implemented to establish the relationship between the end-users and the SAP system.

Realise Phase. SAP consultants begin configuring the SAP system based on the Backlog document signed off from the Explore Phase in the Realise Phase. During this stage, consultants provide multiple Solution Walkthroughs of the SAP system they are building and are in constant collaboration with the business process owner.

Deploy Phase. In this phase, the new SAP system is deployed and is expected to cause temporary downtime that is why it is usually done on a weekend to ensure it will not cause major operational hiccups.

Run Phase. This phase signals the completion of the customer’s lifecycle– from identifying the right solution to implementing it and running their business process simultaneously.

Pennsylvania State University is one of the early adopters of InvenioLSI’s GovOne, which helped them move their legacy systems to the SAP S4/HANA platform and offered the organisation enhanced efficiency, performance, and cost savings.

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