IBM and SAP Embark on Landmark Corporate Transformation Project


IBM’s massive business transformation project– which will span 120 countries, 1,000 legal entities, and various IBM software, hardware, consulting, and finance businesses– leveraging SAP ERP software is a strong demonstration of the deep-rooted alliance of IBM and SAP.

Leading American multinational technology company IBM is embarking on a landmark business transformation journey in partnership with German software company SAP to further propel its growth and deliver excellent products and services to its customers worldwide. IBM will be carrying out one of the world’s largest corporate transformation projects centred on enhancing business processes across its global operations by tapping on its own IBM Consulting, which boasts of over 38,000 SAP consultants to provide expert advisory, implementation, and technical critical in migrating the firm’s complex systems to the cloud.

Commenting on the IBM landmark transformation project, SAP CEO Christian Klein said:

“This expanded partnership will enable IBM to accelerate its business transformation in the cloud and fuel its future growth. As a result, IBM will be positioned to provide the highest value of support and flexibility to its clients, allowing them to simplify and accelerate their business transformations while benefiting from the full value of RISE with SAP.”

IBM and SAP Advancing Business Transformation 

Under the latest expanded partnership, IBM will be migrating to cutting-edge ERP SAP S/4HANA leveraging RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition, premium supplier option with IBM Consulting– shifting over 375 terabytes of data to IBM Power systems on Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM Cloud. RISE with SAP is the German tech giant’s subscription-based, concierge Business Transformation as a Service designed to accelerate customers’ journey to the cloud and become sustainable, intelligent enterprises. 

In October 2021, the long-standing tech allies collaborated for the launch of BREAKTHROUGH with IBM, IBM’s complemental solution to SAP’s BTaaS offering comprised of a collection of existing consulting services designed to help customers accelerate and amplify their journeys to S/4HANA Cloud with RISE with SAP at its foundation. Today, IBM is once again collaborating with SAP for its milestone corporate transformation that would modernise its corporate business operations as well as centralise and standardise its global data, ultimately helping its customers with their cloud journey harnessing the capabilities of the RISE offering.

Arvind Krishna, IBM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer explained: 

“Enterprise clients are seeking increased choice and control as they modernize their mission-critical workloads. Enabled by RISE with SAP, this is a milestone business transformation initiative for both companies due to its complexity and scale. With this move, and IBM’s experience using RISE with SAP internally, we will be even better prepared to support our clients on their hybrid cloud and business transformation journeys.”

Apart from having access to the SAP HANA database, which will streamline data management within IBM, the American tech company can also take advantage of SAP’s automated workflows and AI to enhance decision-making. The transformation project sees an estimate of US$58 billion in IBM revenue flowing through SAP software after completion.

IBM also announced that clients implementing RISE with SAP on IBM Cloud can also choose to run workloads on IBM Power on Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM Cloud with the expansion of the premium supplier option.

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