Future in China as SAP’s Fastest Growing Market

SAP CEO Bill McDermott announced SAP’s plans to double down in China, calling the country SAP’s largest growing market.

Earlier this year, Bill McDermott appeared on CNBC, discussing the plans for SAP’s future in China. Describing China as the “Jewel in the Crown for SAP,” McDermott said that China has been considered SAP’s “second home” for decades.

He addressed growing concerns over trade relations between the USA and China but remains optimistic. According to McDermott, SAP continues to invest in China whilst China continues to invest in the German software company.

Last year, Freya Purnell of InsideSAP reported on AliBaba extending their partnership with SAP. This year, McDermott discussed recent SAP developments in China, notably the growing partnership with the AliBaba group:

“I was there last year. We formed a very strategic partnership with several firms, among them the AliBaba Group, partnering with with Jack Ma and Daniel Zhang and the Ali Cloud. When you think about the infrastructure as a service of Ali Cloud, with SAP’s business software leadership, you have a business model that generates incredible growth for both companies but also serves customers beautifully.”

Watch Bill McDermott’s interview with CNBC here

Mcdermott remains optimistic in an uncertain world. On how US – China relations will play out, he believes that business sense will prevail. When the top economies in the world would benefit from a deal, he is optimistic that a deal is on the horizon.

“What we do is we manage a portfolio of businesses geographically and through our industry domain expertise. When you go to market in 193 countries, you’re going to have dislocations. In an uncertain world, steady leadership always prevails.”

The inteview was posted on youtube by CNBC as China’s economic growth slows but remains above 5%. Despite this, SAP continues to keep it’s sights on China for the future.

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