Fujitsu Limited, Delphix Onto SAP HANA Migration

Fujitsu Limited, Delphix Onto SAP HANA Migration

Delphix has been known to enable organisations through SAP HANA migration, release applications faster, and improve quality with less risk.

Fujitsu Limited and Delphix, DataOps industry leader, have partnered to accelerate enterprise companies’ digital transformation through Delphix DataOps, the only data operations platform for the cloud that combines data compliance with on-demand data delivery. 

The partnership places Fujitsu Limited as a reseller of the Delphix DataOps platform and provider of installation support services to customers. This development is anticipated to enable businesses not only in Japan but worldwide to speed up cloud initiatives, simplify SAP HANA migration, and deliver new digital customer experiences faster than ever before.

Fujitsu Limited, a Japanese company that specialises in information and communication technology (ICT) headquartered in Tokyo, will leverage the Delphix DataOps platform to accelerate rapid application development across hybrid cloud environments and drive mission-critical digital transformations of its robust customer ecosystem. 

Recognising the power of data, the Delphix DataOps platform promises to be the next quantum leap in software development, analytics, and AI/ML by speeding the secure delivery of test data. Enterprises leverage the platform to fuel the high-stakes SAP HANA migration while lowering risk and, at the same time, avoiding disruption of core business operations.

Through the platform, Delphix help organisations build an agile SAP infrastructure by providing fast, secure access to data for business-critical projects. It modernises enterprises’ digital backbone, including databases and core business apps, to eliminate constraints and quickly release applications that engage and impact customers.

Delphix boasts of its capability to lower average project time for HANA implementations by 20%, saving millions of dollars.

Junichi Azuma, Corporate Executive Officer and EVP, Head of Private Enterprise Business in the Technology Solutions Business at Fujitsu Limited expressed his trust in Delphix. He said:

“Delphix makes things easy for anyone to execute quickly and safely when it comes to managing business data, which can improve development efficiency and quality in the development of mission-critical systems such as SAP and business applications using Agile and DevOps.” 

“By integrating Delphix’s solutions with our extensive knowledge and expertise, Fujitsu will contribute to expanding customers’ businesses and realizing their digital transformation,” Azuma added.

In general, enterprises are expected to keep up with an increasingly complex, competitive environment. As a global leader in innovative retail technologies and solutions, Fujitsu will be able to address the consumers’ demand for transformative experiences through this collaboration.

Jedidiah Yueh, Delphix CEO and Founder stated:

“Data sits at the heart of enterprise applications and transformation programs.” 

“As enterprises continue to innovate and migrate to the cloud, data management has become increasingly difficult and critical. With the Delphix data platform and Fujitsu’s global leadership and expertise, customers will have a powerful combination to drive successful transformations and ongoing innovation,” he added.

Delphix delivers fast, secure access to data for business-critical projects. Through the Delphix platform, multi- and hybrid cloud strategies are enabled, optimising software delivery, reducing costs, while maintaining a competitive edge.

About Delphix

Established in 2008, Deplhix is on a mission to revolutionise how organisations work on data through DataOps, a movement, comprised of a set of practices and technologies designed to break down barriers between data owners and data users. Delphix boasts of its Delphix DataOps Platform known to accelerate cloud, AI, and application development projects with fast and compliant data.

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