Engro Fertilizers Gamifies SAP Fiori Application to Boost Digitisation


Engro Fertilizers, a Pakistan-based company involved in the manufacturing, and marketing of fertilizers, has integrated gamification into the SAP Fiori application in a bid to increase employee engagement and drive better sales performance.

As a subsidiary of Engro Corporation, Engro Fertilizers Limited is not new to enhancing customer and employee experiences through digital transformation utilising real-time platforms. In 2019, Engro Corporation’s Board has supported the implementation of the upgraded version of SAP to ensure that its employees have the right tools to pursue growth and adapt to the ever-growing business landscape.

Successfully rolled out in October 2019, Engro’s OneSAP initiative aims to deliver group-wide visibility, improved governance, and increased efficiencies for the organisation. This follows other Pakistani companies that have implemented SAP S/4HANA to strengthen their business model, including pharmaceutical firm Martin Dow Maker Limited in 2017.

Once again accelerating digitisation, Engro Fertilizers has introduced the concept of gamification of SAP Fiori to its business operations. Through this technology, Engro Fertilizers aims to enhance sales performance and overcome employee resistance to digital change.

Expounding on why this method was used to deal with several internal corporate challenges, Nadir Salar Qureshi, Chief Executive Officer at Engro Fertilizers Limited, said:

“Last year we rolled out SAP Fiori application to facilitate our sales team to have access of live data, enabling them to serve the customer better and to strengthen the Engro brand. However, the lack of adoption due to the learning curve was a matter of concern.”

The integration of gamification into SAP Fiori by Engro Fertilizers’ commercial excellence team has led to developing a game-like interactive interface called “The Pakistan Walk”. Qureshi added:

“The Pakistan Walk, an innovative gamification initiative by the commercial excellence team, proved revolutionary in this regard which not only increased the application’s usage but also improved the performance of our sales team.”

Integrating Gamification into the SAP Fiori Software Application

Developed for SAP software and applications, SAP Fiori is a product line of SAP apps that have a device-agnostic user interface (UI) providing more than 300 role-based applications for enterprise-wide engagement across lines of business including HR, manufacturing, and finance.

On the other hand, the process of gamification is used to motivate employees to complete activities with game-like mechanics to drive results such as sales and leads. According to Engro Fertilizers, employees’ initial resistance to adopting a new technology resulted in the restricted usage of the SAP Fiori application. 

After six weeks of implementing the gamification method, Engro Fertilizers was able to achieve the following results, leading to a behavioural change where the use of SAP Fiori was ensured on a daily basis:

  • SAP Fiori app was used for data and reports more than 10,000 times
  • Activity messages of over 8,600 were sent
  • 133 out of 136 players were engaged leading to 97{aa282f308afcc222aaa21b0478c79e01a8fedd01972e2180867097bd93930f22} in engagement levels
  • Average use of 73 times for each player within a month
  • 80 video and 58 text testimonials were sent

Furthermore, “The Pakistan Walk” was used by players from all three levels of the sales force which include zonal, regional, and territory sales managers. To achieve key performance indicators (KPIs) based on certain functions and reports of the SAP Fiori application, users had to race through seven different stages designed as seven different Pakistani cities.

Also introduced to increase engagement are other elements like bonus rounds, live dice roll activities, video teasers, scorecards, and leader badges on steps.

Commenting on this successful management of user adoption to technological change at hand, Saquib Ahmad, Country Managing Director at SAP Pakistan, said:

“SAP has always been committed to propelling innovation in businesses while keeping the element of ease of doing business at the center. The successful gamification of SAP Fiori by Engro Fertilizers is considered a global best practice and serves as a milestone in digital transformation journey, giving an excellent solution to user resistance to new change and technology.”

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