CoE for SAP Supply Chain Consulting Services Launched in India


ArchLynk, which was formed following Novigo and Krypt’s merger, has launched its new Centre of Excellence (CoE) for SAP Supply Chain Implementation and Support Services in India.

Recently, Krypt and Novigo merged to form ArchLynk, which is now a frontrunner in providing end-to-end SAP Digital Supply Chain solutions to customers all over the world. The private equity firm BV Investment Partners of Boston, Massachusetts, is the financial supporter of the deal. By combining the expertise of Krypt and Novigo, ArchLynk is reshaping the global trade and supply chain consulting industries.

Consulting services for SAP’s renowned Digital Supply Chain solutions such as SAP Transportation Management, SAP Extended Warehouse Management, SAP Yard Logistics, SAP Global Track and Trace, SAP Event Management, and SAP Logistics Business Network are available from Novigo. With 10 offices in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia, Novigo is an SAP service partner for Supply Chain Execution (SAP SCE) and Transportation Management (SAP TM) installation projects and an SAP Gold Partner in SAP consulting services.

Meanwhile, Krypt is a global leader in SAP Global Trade and Supply Chain consultancy. The company, which has its headquarters in San Jose and branches in North America, Europe, and India, has been using SAP software to support its Fortune 1000 clients for more than a decade now. Jigish Shah, the current CEO of Krypt, will be joining ArchLynk as its President and heading the integration efforts. He sees the merger as crucial for the two companies to become their clients’ go-to partner for solving supply chain issues.

This month also saw the opening of ArchLynk’s new Centre of Excellence for SAP Support and Supply Chain Implementation Services in Tirunelveli in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Dignitaries from the area were on hand for the official opening ceremony. According to ArchLynk’s press release, the firm’s new office is going to be in the IT Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Gangaikondan, specifically at the ELCOT IT Park.

Joerg Rohde, CSO at ArchLynk, said that given the importance of its Indian operations to maintaining its world-class service levels across sectors, the company sees enormous opportunity in the supply chain consulting services market there. He also noted that ArchLynk, the merged company between Novigo and Krypt, will work with Tirunelveli’s educational institutions to create a thriving community of SAP professionals.

“We are keen on repeating our proven success with our newest office and look forward to empowering the youth with our exceptional in-house skill development program in the latest technologies that support global supply chain operations,” Rohde commented.

Establishing a CoE for SAP Supply Chain Implementation and Support Services

ArchLynk Chief Executive Officer Sekhar Puli explained that Tirunelveli, known as the “Oxford of the South,” is an ideal location for ArchLynk to establish a Centre of Excellence for SAP Support and Implementation Services. According to him, there is a change in strategy among Indian IT enterprises as they plan for the future and seek for talent in satellite locations. Further commenting on the launch of the new Centre of Excellence, Puli remarked:

“Running global operations from larger Indian cities like Bangalore, Chennai or Hyderabad is quite challenging in the present Indian IT landscape, however with Government’s help, the SEZ set-up, and great network infrastructure moving operations to cities like Tirunelveli is extremely important to leverage world-class amenities and the incredible regional talent. We don’t want to build just offices but also a community that thrives and is well represented by the brand ArchLynk.”

ArchLynk’s new Tirunelveli location will be a strong catalyst in the company’s worldwide delivery system, acting as a Global Centre of Excellence for SAP Implementation and Support Services and supporting clients all over the world with their digital transformation efforts. As a result of the company’s growth in Tirunelveli, a greater number of recent graduates from adjacent cities will be able to find meaningful employment in the firm.

Anna University Director of Dr. P Hariharan shared that every year, between 120,000 and 170,000 new graduates arrive from the top-tier educational institutions that are part of Anna University’s network of more than 450 engineering colleges. He added that rather than expanding to a less advantageous city like Chennai, Bangalore, or Hyderabad, ArchLynk has chosen a prime location. Expressing his praise for the latest initiative, Hariharan said:

“I congratulate the ArchLynk team for providing brand new opportunities and exposure for local students with a global organization. I suggest that ArchLynk gives preference to students from villages studying in Government institutions to screen them and further train them in the SAP domain to be industry ready.”

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