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A previous survey revealed that Indians are very optimistic about technology. The country is developing a lot in terms of digitalising various aspects of their businesses. Even Indian business travelers have a strong preference to work with state-of-the-art travel solutions and other safety tools. With this, SAP SE launched a new SAP Concur survey that highlights the preferences of Indian business travelers while ensuring their safety.

The online survey conducted aimed to get a better understanding of the impact of business travels on individuals. 500 Indian business travelers participated in the online survey, which highlighted the travelers’ priorities in terms of comfort, convenience, and safety for each trip they take. It also noted the top concerns most business travelers in India encounter during their trip.

Indian Web 2 shares some of the highlights from the survey:

SAP Concur travel surveys adoption of travel technologies

When asked about their company’s adoption of technology into its operations, the SAP Concur travel survey revealed that 77% of the participants said that their employers are behind in terms of adoption of the latest business travel management technologies.

67% of the Indian business travelers said that they believe there is a visible experience gap in technology adoption for tools that handle bookings and expense reporting.

66% also rated that there is a lack of adoption for travel safety tools. These travel safety tools include automated safety alerts regarding their point of destination.

Opportunities of improvements on compliance, control, and productivity

32% of the business travelers who participated in the survey said that their company usually took 3 to 5 days to process a reimbursement for expenses from a previous business trip.

56% of these participants said that there is a higher chance for their travel expense reimbursements to be processed on time than having their flights leave on the designated time.

In terms of reporting, 55% of Indian business travelers said that they lost money on travel-related business expenses because they forfeited it thinking it was not worth reporting or because their company previously failed to reimburse it.

Skipping safety as a priority

It is alarming that 29% of the participants said that they put business first and that only 28% said that they prioritise safety.

88% said that they had experienced some safety concerns during their business trip within the last 12 months. They also added that business travel is not becoming easier or less stressful as they expected it to be. 36% claimed that the most stressful part of their business trip is the actual trip itself.

When it comes to accommodations and location sharing, 68% said they changed their travel accommodations because of safety concerns. Meanwhile, 98% said that they had shared their locations during the trip which 9% greater than the global average of 91%.3 out of 4 travelers surveyed said that it was for safety reasons which make up 73% which is second to Mexico which has a response rate of 76%.

Millennials and current events

50% of millennial business travelers claimed to have selected flights based on the aircraft type. This is 2% higher than the responses from Gen Xers and 21% higher than that of Boomers.

52% have claimed that they reduced traveling to a certain location due to potential health hazards and political unrest. This is 9% higher than the responses from Gen X participants and 2% higher than Boomer participants.

When it comes to booking, 73% of the Indian business travelers said that they prefer to book via travel agencies online. 45% said that booking a hotel via a mobile app is their most desired service with booking air travel following behind with 41%.

Female travelers’ concerns and harassment

Alarmingly, 87% of female Indian business travelers experienced harassment during the trip. 62% said that they had suffered the indignity of being asked if they traveled with their husbands.

Mankiran Chowhan, SAP Concur India’s Managing Director, noted the potentials of the Indian market in adopting automated travel technologies. He also highlighted India’s fast-paced transition in the business travel market and that safety and security is a must for business travelers. He said:

“…at SAP Concur, we are constantly innovating to help organizations streamline and integrate their travel, expense, and invoice solutions, enabling them to prioritize duty of care.

Additionally, Christopher A. Juneau, SAP Concur’s Senior Vice President for Global Cloud Strategic Programs, noted how societal issues and employee experiences affect the way people travel. He said:

“While companies continue to try and maximize traveler satisfaction, the reality is that employees are hungry for more empathy, guidance, and better technology as they run into both common frustrations and unique individual concerns, leaving room for improvement among organizations of all sizes.”

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