Qualtrics Survey Tool: Indians are Optimistic about Tech

Qualtrics Survey Tool: Indians are Optimistic about Tech

In January 2019, SAP completed acquisition of Qualtrics to improve its experience management. The Qualtrics survey tool was used to gather opinions at the recent 2019 India Economic Summit.

SAP, using the Qualtrics survey tool, revealed that Indians are some of the most optimistic people in the world when referring to technology.

The survey had more than 10,000 respondents across 29 countries. The poll results showed that Indian respondents have exceptional optimistic views on technology. The results have also revealed that Indian poll participants trust climate scientists and international organisations more than other people in other regions.

Additionally, the Qualtrics survey tool revealed that Indians are also one of the least skeptical people in the world when it comes to motives of technology companies. More than two-thirds have rejected the thought that profit is the only motivator for technology companies.

Qualtrics survey results

Compared to the global averages, Indian participants said that technology improved “jobs,” “personal relationships,” and “society.”

When asked “Does technology make life better?”, 55% of the Indian respondents answered “much better.” This shows that they are giving the new technology a warm welcome despite the possibility of jeopardizing jobs, but they are looking forward to a growing economy that will provide opportunities.

More than half of the respondents said that their jobs would possibly be automated, which showed a higher rate compared to other regions surveyed. However, when asked how difficult would it be to get another job tomorrow, only 2% of the respondents said that it would be “somewhat difficult.”

Sriram Gutta, Head of Community Development, India and South Asia, World Economic Forum, said:

“The rise of advanced technologies has the potential to create economic and social value and bolster India’s goal of maintaining its growth momentum. At this week’s India Economic Summit, it is one of the four key themes of the programme. These statistics indicate the foundation is there for accelerating the adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies. The next step is to ensure the governance of them assists India in leapfrogging to an advanced stage of development while maintaining high levels of trust.”

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