Birlasoft and KPIT, Keeping Pace with Industry4.0

Birlasoft and KPIT have formed a complex merger and de-merger to broaden their offerings

Birlasoft and KPIT entered into a recent complex merger and demerger deal, creating a $500-million publicly listed Enterprise Digital and IT Services company.

Birlasoft and KPIT merger positioned Birlasoft to deliver a wider suite of capabilities while keeping pace with the digital revolution, as shared by Sangram Kadam, Vice President and Head (APAC and META) of Birlasoft in a tete-a-tete with Poulami Chakraborty of BW SmartCities.

The talk between Kadama and BW SmartCities touched hot topics such as growing Birlasoft while digitally transforming, workforce automation, competition, IT space in India and GoIs Digita India.

Growth and Digital Transformation

The VP shared how Digital Transformation is profoundly changing the way enterprises are functioning today wherein organizations are more forward-thinking, creating business networks and delivering real-time value to their customers. Birlasoft, the global IT services company of the CK Birla Group, one of India’s premier commercial and industrial houses, is keeping pace with the industrial revolution. He said:

“Birlasoft has always believed in evolving to better fit in the industry by inculcating new and emerging technologies. Birlasoft works with focused industries to transform operational processes, improve stakeholder experience, and discover new business models. Birlasoft helps customers to realize quick value, streamline operations, improve compliance, and better manage assets in the factory, on the field.”

In today’s digital age, he explained that technology such as wearable devices, smart assets, and intelligent machines are the organisations’ sources of information. Organisations function in real-time, integrated ecosystems where quick decisions must be made based on information provided by these innovations. Consequently, despite the integration becoming more and more complex, the expectation to provide access to intuitive, uninterrupted and safe technologies for operations remains constant.

Kadam emphasized on the Birlasoft and KPIT venture saying:

“With the recent merger bringing on table the strengths of KPIT’s IT businesses, particularly in SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards and other related areas of manufacturing, along with Birlasoft’s existing core strengths in custom application development and maintenance in digital, salesforce, data analytics, and testing, combined with leading-edge consulting capability. Birlasoft is now poised to deliver a much wider suite of capabilities.”

As part of the Birlasoft and KPIT deal, shareholders of Birlasoft will receive 22 equity shares of the combined KPIT-Birlasoft entity for every nine shares of Birlasoft.

Birlasoft has been focused on domestic business and has done investments, helping leading Indian organisations and global organisations in India for last the 2 decades.

Sustaining Competition

Birlasoft combines the power of a domain, enterprise and digital technologies to reimagine business processes for customers and their ecosystem. With its consultative and design thinking approach, customers can run businesses better, resulting in more productive societies.

He affirmed that what has helped the company sustain the competition in a highly populous IT industry is its investment in the areas of technology, employees and their customers.

The Digital Transformation that involves the adoption of AI, ML, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, 3D Printing, and Cyber Security is profoundly reshaping the boundaries of competition according to Kadam.

The VP explained that Birlasoft’s distinctive “Enterprise to the Power of Digital” has been the company’s top priority that helped them deliver better to their customers.

“Birlasoft is uniquely positioned to help customers unlock their digital potential, Birlasoft has created a unique blend of enterprise solutions and digital capabilities that will enable clients to digitalize and transform their systems through multiple interventions such as customer experience, connected devices, predictive analytics through automation and machine learning,” he said.

Getting the Workforce Future-ready

Kadam shared his view of India as a country that has maneuvered its way through tough times and hurdles. The country has been moving towards a digital revolution. He expressed:

“India is experiencing a digital revolution that is triggering transformative changes in areas like e-payments, e-health, digital literacy, farming, financial inclusion, geographic mapping, rural development, social benefits programmes, language localisation, and much more. Making an enterprise digital, as we often hear, is more than implementing new digital technologies or merely modernizing existing ones.”

He stressed that Digital Transformation is about changing business processes and functions using the most relevant specific set of new technologies to improve operational efficiencies, deliver tangible business value and stellar customer experiences. He added:

“Reskill and cross-skilling is the essence of time. We are investing in our employees to get the team ready for current and future needs.”

Birlasoft in the Indian IT Market

To Kadam, India’s IT industry has witnessed remarkable growth and has shown great progress in evangelizing the technology ecosystem in the region. Indian technology leaders need investment partners as they explore new areas of development. Though the overall IT maturity of the country progresses and organisations look at new models and emerging technologies, some challenges in the space remain such as IT and manufacturing infrastructure, skilled members who are keener to work outside India and budget allocation.

As a company, Birlasoft is continuously contributing to the GoIs Digital India campaign. Kadam shared:

“We are participating and helping many PSU to adopt digital journey, helping a few smart cities to roll out citizen-centric IT initiatives. We are also partnering with leading education institutes to create a workforce which can help to drive these initiatives.”

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