SuccessFactors Integration with SAP SMI Service Transforms Banpu’s HR


Through the SuccessFactors integration with SAP SMI service, international energy provider Banpu Group drives a cloud-based HR digital transformation to enable a more connected and innovative system for its employees.

Business and HR executives have been forced to rethink their approach towards employee experience and engagement as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic’s unprecedented impact on major industries around the world. SAP Indochina Managing Director Atul Tuli believes HR function is critical in ensuring that an organisation is living up to its purpose and values, which can result in better financial performance, employee involvement, and consumer trust. He added:

“HR leaders around the globe have started to look to implement flexible ways of working strategies in the midst of the pandemic. Intelligent technologies can enable the new way of work and redesign of work in their organisations.”

Joining other ASEAN companies that leverage SAP SuccessFactors to accelerate HR transformation and enhance operational efficiencies amid a wave of uncertainty and disruption is Banpu Group — a Thailand-based corporation centered around coal mining, power, and new energy businesses. Founded in 1983, the company has since expanded in the APAC region and is currently operating in countries around the globe including the US, Australia, China, Vietnam, Lao PDR, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Mongolia.

According to Banpu Public Company Limited CEO Somruedee Chaimongkol, mega trends such as digitalisation, decarbonisation, and decentralisation advanced the company’s “greener and smarter” strategy which emphasises better cost management, production efficiency, and ability to respond to today’s challenges in the global economy. In line with this agenda, the company embarked on a digital transformation to innovate its HR operations and address the need to redefine employee engagement, in addition to driving business resilience.

Following their earlier investment in SAP SuccessFactors which began in 2019, Banpu Group has chosen SAP Social Media Integration service (SAP SMI) — an extended technology from the SAP HR solution — to connect the employee experience to the business. Commenting on the latest partnership with the non-oil energy conglomerate, the SAP Indochina MD remarked:

“Banpu Group is the first company in Thailand that leverages this solution, and we are glad to partner with Banpu Group to help them drive innovation and success within the company.”

Banpu Group Innovates HR Through SuccessFactors Integration with SAP SMI Service

Meanwhile, Somnimit Lakanapantip and Baramee Saelee from the HR Digitalisation Department of Banpu Public Company Limited stated that the team is able to understand the needs of its employees through the robust intelligent HR platform provided by SAP SuccessFactors which the organisation has been utilising since 2019. They added:

“SAP SuccessFactors also helps us take traditional HR processes to the cloud, digitalising and upskilling, where employees are empowered to take on higher-value roles and diversify their skill sets and knowledge, playing a greater role in driving business growth and transformation.”

For Banpu Group, managing the shift during the pandemic is aligned with understanding changing growth behaviours in employees. The transition has involved integrating technologies into the operations as part of the HR digital transformation. This includes the establishment of a new intelligent cloud-based HR service to allow for a more unified system and work process, empowering over 1,300 of its workforce to benefit from the advanced capabilities and contribute to driving better business outcomes.

Leveraging SAP SMI service which integrates with the existing SAP SuccessFactors solutions, the firm links its official account on messaging applications like LINE in Thailand and WeChat in China. This allows employees to access and request HR services at their convenience and in turn, managers will gain greater visibility into real-time insights and feedback from staff to strengthen internal communications.

“We expect that our business will emerge stronger both financially and as a trusted brand from this transformation,” Somnimit and Baramee further stated.

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