SAP Digital Interconnect Offers Cloud Technology Solutions Trial

SAP Digital Interconnect Offers Cloud Technology Solutions Trial

Cloud technology solutions offered by SAP Digital Interconnect deliver the “last mile” between enterprises, technology, customers, employees, and things securely and reliably through SMS, e-mail, push notification, and social network channels. 

Today, more than ever, the wide-range of digital technology has been utilised in many respects as the world tackles the coronavirus pandemic. The convergence of technologies such as AI/ML, IoT, mobile, robotics and cloud analytics have helped: health and public authorities monitor real-time update of the actual number and tracking of COVID-19 patients; scientists in conducting studies on the possible cure; governments in enhancing preparation and public health education; and enterprises’ business continuity and employee engagement despite remote working. 

Early on, organisations like SAP has made several of its solutions available at zero cost to help mitigate the impact of today’s global health crisis on businesses and communities. In the same direction as the German company’s recent COVID-19 global initiatives, the SAP Digital Interconnect group has announced a free trial offering of its cloud technology solutions SAP People Connect 365 and SAP Contact Center 365.

SAP People Connect 365 and SAP Contact Center 365 trials will be offered at no cost for 30-day for three months for businesses to enhance employee communication and customer engagement in these challenging times.

Rohit Tripathi, Head of Products, SAP Digital Interconnect group, stated:

“With COVID-19 creating uncertainty across industries and posing critical challenges for the way organizations run their business, we wanted to provide our customers with the tools they need to communicate effectively and serve their employees, extended staff, and customers.”

“While many companies have moved to remote work, it is more important than ever to stay connected with employees and customers. Both SAP People Connect 365 and SAP Contact Center 365 enable streamlined communication and effective customer interaction,” he added.

SDI offers configurable APIs that provide access to programmable digital interfaces and proven messaging channels to help businesses simplify and optimise connectivity, reduce network costs, and monetise the IoT and messaging services. The SAP entity provides cloud-based communications products to over 1,500 enterprise customers globally including top technology companies, banks, payment gateways, retail brands, and mobile operators.

Engaging Employees and Customers

SAP People Connect 365 and SAP Contact Center 365 are two of SDI’s cloud technology solutions for enterprises’ employees and customers multichannel and digital engagements.

The SAP People Connect 365 is a cloud-based mobile service that provides powerful tools to communicate with groups of people instantly by mobile phone. The solution enables businesses to locate, contact, and communicate with employees during emergencies and business disruptions.  

The 30-day trial period of SAP People Connect 365 allows users access to:

  • A reliable integrated COVID-19 data feed
  • Risk monitoring and alert feeds
  • HR data integration, group management, and mobile number validation
  • Cloud-based mobile notification services
  • Auto alert emergency notifications and multichannel capabilities

The SAP Contact Center 365 cloud service is a software-based omnichannel contact center solution that enables frictionless customer service as part of the overall communications-platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) strategy. In these unpredictable times, users can leverage the solution to connect and engage with customers seamlessly through their preferred communication channels. SAP Contact Center 365 provides tools for managers and team leaders to keep them one step ahead of customers.

During the trial period, users of SAP Contact Center 365 will have access to a sample configuration, including:

  • Throughout the trial period, users will have access to a sample configuration, including:
  • Five ready-to-use customer service representative user roles and one team lead user role
  • A comprehensive set of agent productivity tools
  • Preconfigured channels, queues, routing, telemarketing campaigns and more
  • The possibility to test out-of-the-box integration with SAP Service Cloud solutions

SDI has also made the news recently as it entered a definitive agreement with the Swedish telecom and cloud- communications services and solutions provider Sinch AB. Sinch acquired all assets and IPs of SDI amounting to a total cash consideration of EUR 225 million on a cash and debt-free basis. The transaction is expected to close by the second half of 2020.

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