SAP Business One ERP Rolls Out Across SPICTRA

SAP Business One ERP Rolls Out Across SPICTRA

SAP Business One ERP is a business management software for SMEs that provides businesses clear visibility and complete control on operations. In December 2019, SPICTRA has migrated operations to said ERP solution. 

India’s premier healthcare device company Medihub Sciencetec Private Limited (SPICTRA) has chosen to implement SAP Business One ERP across the organization to enhance customer engagement through technology and digitalisation. SPICTRA, an inspiring and innovation-driven medical technologies firm, is Part of AM International, a $2+ billion global business conglomerate headquartered in Singapore. 

“The migration to the SAP H1 Business One platform adds to SPICTRA’s competitive advantage. It will enable the team to streamline operations and accelerate decision-making with timely insights. At AM International, technology initiatives and digitisation will continue as key business enablers for being future-ready,” said Ashwin Muthiah, Chairman, AM International, Singapore. 

SPICTRA’s products manufactured by Medihub Sciencetec Private Limited have become a hallmark of reliability for healthcare professionals within and outside of India. Starting in 1992 as South India Drugs & Devices (SIDD) to deliver technological precision in life support, the company has now expanded its offerings across a range of specialties including cardiac surgery, airway management, neurology, and transfusion.

The organization-wide integration of SAP Business one in SPICTRA has the following goals:

  • Process flow simplification by presenting a stand-alone and integrated performance of all departmental activities.
  • Cost and resource optimisation based on real-time financial insights.
  • Supply chain transparency by enabling traceability from the manufacturing unit to the relationship managers and vendors.

SAP Business One’s implementation will boost SPICTRA’s business with real-time data and better decision-making.  Furthermore, the ERP solution’s integration across the organization is expected to drive visibility within its ecosystem by making core processes more effective and efficient. 

More about SAP Business One

Designed for small and midsize businesses, SAP Business One offers an affordable way to a number of key business areas. It is a single, integrated solution that captures all critical business information for immediate access and company-wide use.

The SAP ERP solution boasts of its modularity and flexibility having more than 500 add-on solutions, custom-made to industries or special functions.

Here are some of its key features and benefits:

  • On-premise or cloud deployment
  • Integrated business intelligence
  • Integration with the SAP HANA platform 
  • Quick deployment

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