Robotics integrated with SAP Extended Warehouse Management


California-headquartered Fetch Robotics has partnered with SAP to integrate SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) with its Fetch and Freight robots in a Virtual Conveyor solution for warehouse and logistics industries.

The Virtual Conveyor utilises Freight robots, which are autonomous mobile platforms, together with warehouse employees and the SAP EWM. The associates pick goods from shelves and place onto a contain or a shelf on a Fetch robot, which is an advanced mobile manipulator. When all the goods are picked, the picker send the Freight robot to the packing station using either a mobile device or the robot’s touch screen. As the task is completed, SAP EWN is updated with the completed order and another Freight robot engages wth the employee for their next picking order.

According to Fetch Robotics, using such a system can reduce the physical demands on employees, who often spend a large amount of time traversing the warehouse floor, and increase the time they spend fulfilling orders.

“We’re delighted to combine our expertise in robotics with SAP’s experience in warehouse management,” said Melonee Wise, CEO of Fetch Robotics.

“It’s an innovative combination of hardware and software that benefits warehouse operators and their employees.”

“The combination of Fetch Robotics and our warehouse management system means that warehouse operators benefit from more efficient operation,” according to Franz Hero, SVP, supply chain and logistics development, SAP.

“This integrated warehouse functionality allows logistics companies to automate the transportation of picked and packaged goods within their warehouse and drastically improves the efficiency of the warehouse workers.”

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