RISE with SAP Cloud Offering Selected by Mitsubishi Materials Co.


Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has decided to adopt the enterprise SAP cloud offering, RISE with SAP, in order to meet the needs of a rapidly changing business environment that has been evolving over the past few years.

SAP, the prominent information technology and software company, has been able to achieve an impressive new milestone in its global transformation plan. This is thanks to the company’s cloud business which has become its largest revenue stream, according to SAP’s second quarter financial results. The latest success has meant that SAP can now offer customers a new generation of technology solutions to improve the way they work and support them in their path toward becoming sustainable, intelligent enterprises.

Paul Marriott, President at SAP Asia Pacific Japan (SAP APJ), attributed the company’s success in the cloud-based services realm to customers, partners and colleagues who he thanked for their support. He further said in a recently published LinkedIn post:

“We support companies of all sizes and from all industries on their journeys – whatever that journey may look like.”

The APJ region is an important market for RISE with SAP and one of the key contributing factors to its success has been the number of new customers that have signed up for the full suite of cloud products. One such customer is Mitsubishi Materials Corporation. (InsideSAP Asia often references articles from websites in other languages to bring you as much information as possible.) 

Also known in the industry as MMC, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation is one of the core subsidiaries of the Mitsubishi Group. They are involved in the manufacture of various materials, including plastics, aluminum silicon dielectric film, ceramic products, titanium metal powder, high-quality cemented carbide tools, and electronic materials. In 2020, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation launched an initiative to drive the company’s successful digital transformation by focusing heavily on the three digital pillars that form the basis of this strategy: increasing business added value, enhancing operational competitiveness, and creating management efficiencies.

The company has undertaken the complicated process of developing a data infrastructure to support the strategies required by the company and considered a system renewal from the perspective of an aging core system. As a result, they decided to promote operational reforms and adopt the German tech giant’s Business Transformation as a Service (BTaaS) signature offering RISE with SAP, which is based on SAP S/4HANA Cloud technologies.

Adopting the Signature SAP Cloud Offering

Implementing the RISE with SAP solution as the first step in a company-wide transformation, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation hopes to have a complete renovation of the company’s accounting area, with domestic and overseas accounting areas being introduced as the first areas of focus. Furthermore, the ultimate objective is to improve operational efficiency and governance across the entire organization.

Moreover, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has deployed the BTaaS solution on the Amazon Web Services Cloud (AWS Cloud) as its cloud-based accounting and company-wide information utilization platform. The RISE with SAP solution enables Mitsubishi Materials Corporation to consolidate all of their data and assets into a single system that provides better visibility for management, more accurate reporting, and greater control over financial processes.

Other SAP solutions used by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation include SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), which is responsible for managing how companies design and deploy applications. The company also leverages SAP Signavio, a business process management solution that offers intuitive, cloud-based, and professional process modeling. It also utilizes automated software testing solutions from SAP Partner Tricentis.

Additionally, the accounting business transformation platform “SAP Account Substantiation and Automation by BlackLine is also used by MMC. The innovative software automates the process of account substantiation and enables the creation of high-quality financial reports quickly while reducing the time spent on mundane tasks. This year, SAP recognized BlackLine with a Partner Excellence Award for SAP Solution Extensions in APJ — a testament to its commitment to helping customers accelerate their finance transformation efforts.

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