Renewable Energy Asset Management Kaiserwetter Wins SAP Innovation Award

Renewable Asset Management Kaiserwetter wins SAP Innovation Awards with DAaaS

Renewable energy asset management company Kaiserwetter nabs the Technology Disruptor award in the 7th Annual SAP Innovation Awards with its cloud-based IoT/AI, Data as a Service (DAaaS) platform ARISTOTELES for its innovative use of intelligent technology in fighting climate change through smart investment management.

The independent German company—set to open offices in China and India this year—is dedicated to revolutionizing investments and asset management in the renewable energy sector by focusing on intelligent technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). The intellitech company’s mission is to achieve a greener future through smart solutions and to remove roadblocks to investment in the clean energy space to boost the global economy.

With ARISTOTELES, the company has leveraged the technology of SAP HANA analytics and SAP Leonardo to mobilize global investments to renewable energy at scale. The DAaaS platform is built on SAP Cloud Platform and relies on IoT, Smart Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning capabilities from SAP Leonardo to:

  • maximize asset and portfolio performance;
  • minimize investment risks by creating the highest possible standards of transparency; and
  • maximize monetary returns.

In a statement, Kaiserwetter CEO and Founder Hanno Schoklitsch said:

“We built this platform because when we thought about what was really needed to tackle climate change, the answer was capital.”

“Investors want less risk and strong returns. This platform delivers the transparency investors need to make confident decisions in renewable energies. It will foster universal access to affordable energy, which is especially needed in regions like Africa, Asia, and South America.”

The partnership between SAP and Kaiserwetter began in 2015 and culminated with the creation of ARISTOTELES in 2018 to unlock private capital investments in renewable energies, achieve the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement, drive success by creating transparency in the industry market and integrate technical and financial data in one solution.

The company utilizes SAP Hana predictive analytics in the executive-level platform to aggregate complex and unstructured technical, meteorological, and financial data from wind farms, solar parks, biomass, and hydropower stations and feed these continuously to learning algorithms. This process helps to detect energy asset failures before they occur so that operational issues can be resolved proactively, thereby allowing investors to make smarter decisions in managing the impact of reduced yields on assets and maximize return on investments.

Other Awards Received

Aside from SAP Innovation Awards, ARISTOTELES has won several other prestigious awards for its intelligent renewable energy asset management:

  • Top 10 Asset Management Solution Providers USA 2019
  • European CEO Awards 2019
  • SAP Innovation Awards 2018
  • Digital Leader Award 2018
  • Best Renewable Energy Asset Manager – Germany 2018
  • Top 100 Ideas of the Year

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