NEC Japan Initiates Transformation into an Intelligent Enterprise with SAP

NEC Japan Initiates Transformation into an Intelligent Enterprise with SAP

NEC Corporation’s transformation into an intelligent enterprise with SAP will be supported by ABeam Consulting—an SAP APJ Partner Excellence awardee. As part of its group-wide business transformation, the Japanese multinational information technology and electronics company will be implementing solutions from SAP to digitalize its procurement operations, enable remote work and enhance its business operations in light of the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

As COVID-19 continues to spread and cause unprecedented economic disruptions, businesses and consumers alike have had to pivot and adapt to the new normal and the accelerated shift in digitalization. It is critical now more than ever for enterprises and the global community to embrace digital technologies and build a more sustainable society.

Since its foundation in 1898, NEC Corporation—then known as  Nippon Electric Limited Partnership—has been committed to providing “solutions for society” that ensure the safety and assurance of people, support fairness in society, and boost efficiency in economic activities. As a self-proclaimed social value creation company guided by its corporate message of “orchestrating a brighter world,” the company aims to facilitate digitalization, remote and safe working environments, and labor-saving initiatives to further contribute to producing new social value projects. 

In a press release regarding the company’s response to COVID-19, President and CEO of NEC, Takashi Niino said:

“Even during this global crisis, the NEC Group is continuing business operations so as to serve our valued customers, partners, stakeholders, and people around the world by working to support the social infrastructure and enabling a more safe and secure environment. All while giving the highest consideration to the safety and health of NEC Group employees and their families.”

Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Solutions

As part of its digital transformation strategy in becoming an intelligent enterprise with SAP, NEC Corporation started its project to modernize its procurement of indirect materials with SAP Ariba solutions. With the cloud-based procurement system, NEC expects to reduce spend, enhance operational efficiency, and increase compliance in its procurement process. NEC Management Partners Co. Ltd.—based in Kanagawa, Japan—will be the first to roll-out the solution, with the rest of the group companies both domestically and globally to follow.

NEC Corporation will be implementing the full suite of SAP Ariba solutions from strategic sourcing to payment:

  • SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite – SAP’s software solution that supports a single, closed-loop, source-to-contract solution bundle for managing materials sourcing and suppliers across all spend categories 
  • SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing – a user-friendly procure-to-pay (P2P) software solution that features streamlined catalog maintenance and a configurable interface

With these solutions that are connected to SAP Ariba’s robust supplier network, NEC Corporation will be able to negotiate the best-value sourcing agreements, achieve sustainable savings, gain better control over global spend, and simplify commerce.

Additionally, NEC is also set to introduce the following SAP software solutions to enable remote work and to achieve more efficient and advanced analytics:

  • SAP Signature Management application by DocuSign – a solution that allows organizations to keep documents 100% digital and send them for signature from within their workspaces for a seamless, end-to-end electronic contracting process
  • SAP Process Mining application by Celonis – a data-based approach to business automation that helps identify opportunities for automation and improvement, as well as prioritize, structure, and streamline projects
  • SAP Analytics Cloud – SAP’s business intelligence (BI) solution that utilizes machine learning technology to highlight key business drivers and insights for better business decision-making

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