Lancers Inc Creates Freelance Platform with SAP Japan

Lancers Inc, a freelance jobs information firm based in Tokyo, has partnered with SAP Japan to offer a platform for freelancers to take advantage of companies who provide SAP based working opportunities. 

Lancers has utilized the Open Talent Platform Concept to implement SAP Fieldglass, which integrated both Palaft Co., Ltd. and Persol Holdings Co., creating a database that connects individuals to a broad range of networks within the SAP community. The program uses an analytics suite to better manage their external workforce, such as contractors, temporary staff and freelancers. Recently, Shareful – an on demand matching platform – has been launched to this purpose. 

“We agreed to promote data linkage with the cloud solution SAP® Fieldglass® provided by SAP Japan.

Lancers website:

SAP Japan confirms SAP users can now access a wide range of freelance talent while contributing to the promotion of corporate business growth. The program will allow for collaboration between companies using SAP Fieldglass, and will assist in optimizing their selection of external sources.

 “Our vision is to create a society where everyone can work in their own way with technology.”

Lancers website:

The collaboration will benefit freelancers and part-timers, allowing them a broader scope to take advantage of opportunities offered by SAP companies. 

“SAP Japan welcomes Lancers’s announcement of the solution collaboration with SAP Fieldglass from the heart. As a means to solve the labor shortage in Japan, the collaboration of the freelancer is indispensable… We confirm that SAP users can connect with more freelancers and contribute to the promotion of freelancers at the same time as corporate business growth, and prepare training programs for SAP consultants whose needs are increasing. Also, I look forward to Lancers’s activities.”

Satoshi Osawa, General Manager, SAP Fieldglass Business Division, SAP Japan Co., Ltd.

Currently, the companies are considering providing education and training programs for registrants of Lancers, to develop their knowledge and capabilities relating to SAP introduction consulting. This will greatly increase the opportunities for pairing companies with individuals, while at the same time, expanding individuals own application possibilities.

“Through this initiative, we will support the improvement of skills and the transition to new areas…it becomes possible to source human resources from a wider range of options.”

Satoshi Osawa, General Manager, SAP Fieldglass Business Division, SAP Japan Co., Ltd.

SAP Japan was established in 1992. SAP is an industry leader in cloud technology, using advanced analytics and machine learning to help people and organizations make better business decisions. 

Read the announcement from Lancers Inc (Japanese)

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