Jinlong Expedites Digital Transformation with SAP Support


China-based Jinlong Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. underwent a comprehensive digital transformation and cloud migration to diversify its product portfolio and expand facilities. SAP Support was a critical factor in the company’s successful transformation.

In a recent interview, Jinlong Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. Chief Information Officer Zhong Lei discussed the company’s decision to undergo an extensive digital transformation and cloud migration with the German tech giant’s RISE with SAP S4/HANA Cloud. Founded in 1986, Jinlong Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of structural components, motors, LCD modules, and automation equipment’s precision components. Lei highlighted the importance of Real-Time Support in ensuring the success of the project.

The company’s CIO explained that the decision to embark on a comprehensive digital transformation was driven by the increased cost pressure on lower-threshold component suppliers due to the rising prices of raw materials. By strengthening internal risk management and cost management systems, the company aimed to increase efficiency and maintain or lower product prices.

Real-Time Support played a crucial role in the success of the project, enabling Jinlong to access experts at all times to resolve issues quickly and ensure timely project delivery. Lei noted that the flexibility of the service, which allowed the company to choose between phone, email, and chat support, was particularly beneficial. Chatting with experts live minimized downtime and reduced operating costs and time spent.

Lei also emphasized the importance of being able to communicate with experts in the company’s own language, as not everyone feels comfortable discussing technical details in English. This allowed for more effective communication and a quicker understanding of issues. Additionally, being able to directly communicate with SAP product experts allowed for more personalized guidance and recommendations for best practices.

Strengthening Internal Risk and Cost Management Systems

Raw material costs, such as chips and different high-threshold core materials, have spiked in recent years, leading smartphone manufacturers to shift the cost pressure to lower-threshold component suppliers like Jinlong Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. To maintain or even lower product prices while bearing increased raw material costs, Jinlong recognized the need for a comprehensive digital transformation.

Jinlong embarked on a digital transformation to increase efficiency across the company, strengthen internal risk management and cost management systems, and whether the industry-wide challenge of increased raw material costs.

Real-Time Support from SAP was crucial to Jinlong’s successful transformation. With direct access to SAP experts at all times, Jinlong was able to complete project milestones on time, even during critical phases, such as opening new sites and statement closures monthly.

For example, during peak season, a failed printing job threatened timely delivery. With developers in a different time zone, Jinlong turned to an expert who was online at the time. The issue was resolved quickly, and Jinlong was able to deliver on time.

Tapping SAP Support for Timely Issue Resolution

SAP Real-Time Support offers various communication channels, including phone, email, and chat. Chatting with experts live minimizes downtime and allows Jinlong to get back to business as soon as possible. The flexibility to choose the most suitable communication channel and language, such as Chinese, also reduces operating costs and ensures timely project delivery.

In addition, SAP Real-Time Support offers an efficient resolution of issues, with direct communication with SAP product experts facilitating quicker, a better understanding of the issues at hand. For example, when Jinlong started using extensions like Bank-Enterprise Direct Link Service, a local extension in China, SAP experts recommended best practices to ensure smooth adoption.

Furthermore, direct communication with SAP experts allowed for tailored recommendations for Jinlong’s unique needs, beyond mere issue resolution and workarounds. Experts went out of their way to provide further recommendations on how to make the most of the products Jinlong was using.

Jinlong’s success with Real-Time Support demonstrates the importance of considering not only product features but also the level and quality of support provided by suppliers when selecting new products or services. The company’s recommended that companies not only consider product features when selecting suppliers but also their support channels. Real-Time Support facilitated quick resolutions and temporary workarounds, ensuring sustainable and synergetic collaboration.

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