Industry Leaders to Transform JG Summit Holdings

Industry Leaders to Transform JG Summit Holdings

A few years ago, Microsoft adopted SAP’s S/4HANA on Azure which helped customers to run the suite in a secure and managed cloud platform. Today, a leader in digital services leverages the Microsoft and SAP collaboration to assist with JG Summit Holdings’ digital transformation.

Infosys, one of the global leaders in next-generation consulting and digital services, announced its collaboration with JG Summit Holdings, Inc. last 17 September. JG Summit Holdings is considered to be one of the most diversified conglomerates in the Philippines. Their headquarters is located in Manila.

Infosys will be its technology services partner and will assist in formulating and executing JG Summit’s digital transformation by leveraging Microsoft Azure and SAP S/4 HANA. The collaboration is expected to deliver JG Summit’s smooth implementation and migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This will build an agile digital infrastructure for its business operations.

The Infrastructure Management Solution Suite, Infosys’ full hybrid IT management platform, will be used in building and governing the hybrid cloud environments. This will help enhance the overall experience of the end-user. Infosys will also implement the SAP S/4 HANA on Azure and deploy its next-gen learning solution, Wingspan. The deployment will help create a collaborative relationship and learning culture for JG Summit’s employees who will benefit in developing their advanced skills.

JG Summit Holdings’ President and CEO, Lance Y. Gokongwei said:

“Our objective is to embed digitization into our core business strategy across units, subsidiaries, and affiliates. Through the partnership with Infosys and Microsoft, we aim to accelerate our digital transformation journey which will enable us to address evolving business requirements, facilitate easy and secure collaboration among employees and offer better service to our end customers.”

Meanwhile, Infosys’ Executive Vice President and Global Head of Consumer, Retail & Logistics, said:

“We are delighted to be selected as the strategic partner of JG Summit in their digital transformation journey. Leveraging our expertise in digital technologies and a comprehensive understanding of the business landscape, we will provide JG Summit a secure, scalable and cost-effective hybrid cloud platform for large-scale digital transformation and enable a seamless transition to a modern digital workplace. The partnership with JG Summit is also aligned to Infosys’ strategy of helping our clients navigate their next by augmenting their core digital capabilities, advancing their operating models and transforming their talent for the future.”

Microsoft Asia Pacific’s Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Operations, Ricky Kapur, emphasised how JG Summit is paving the way for Philippine organisations to assess their transformation journeys.

He said:

“JG Summit, with Infosys and Microsoft, will have a clear strategy and a strong roadmap which will enable them to develop their unique capabilities continually, value for customers and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world. We’re excited to be helping them on this path of transformation, as we together, enable every organization in the Philippines to achieve more.”

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