Highbar Technocrat Limited Rolls Out SAP C4C

Highbar Technocrat Limited Rolls Out SAP C4C

India is showing significant growth in terms of adapting new technologies, being more open to start-ups and embracing intelligent solutions. Most recently, a global and leading end-to-end IT solutions provider, Highbar Technocrat Limited, revealed a cloud solution that will help optimise the sales operations of the construction industry.

Highbar Technocrat Limited is a software solutions company based in Maharashtra, India. They cater to customers in the construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, and real estate industries.

India Education Diary reported that the company just unveiled the next generation Cloud for Customer (C4C) solution, which will facilitate high performance between the front and back-office operations of a company. 

The C4C solution is expected to deliver extensive insights about a customer that will help drive improved sales results. It will also help the sales department in securing more time with clients as well as capitalising intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver recommendations that win deals.

Additionally, enterprises in the construction industry can maximise Highbar Technocrat Limited’s C4C solution in obtaining better sales outcomes because of certain benefits.

One of the benefits includes the delivery of a pervasive sales footprint. It helps achieve customer engagement in its peak condition with its real-time updates to develop a flexible sales strategy. Moreover, it facilitates performance tracking without being connected to the internet.

Another benefit that the C4C solution delivers is the ability to deliver AI-driven recommendations depending on specific client scenarios. It also incorporates other features such as adding contacts, updating records, and discovering new opportunities that are programmed automatically.

Joydeep Banerjee, the Business Development Head of Highbar Technocrat said that the solution is a proof of the IT solutions provider’s expertise in the industry and that the C4C builds a close collaboration among members such as customers, partners, sales teams and internal experts to ensure maximum productivity and personalised activity plans and timelines.

Other prominent features of the C4C solution includes access to back-office quote to cash information delivered in real-time via native integrations with SAP solutions such as SAP Commissions, SAP CPQ, and SAP ERP.

It also allows the evaluation of competitive pricing, industry trends, and other defining pre-emptive measures and enhancement plans.

Lastly, it helps mitigate end-of-quarter surprises by leveraging the embedded real-time customer analytics and interactive dashboards.

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