Google Aids SAP to Cloud Migration with New Program

SAP to cloud

The world is indeed moving at a fast pace towards the digital era. Large enterprises are seeing how going digital will help them improve various facets of their businesses and most of these run their businesses on SAP technologies. Recently, the cloud has gained much attention as an essential tool in supporting the critical workloads of these enterprises. As more SAP customers decide to transform their businesses digitally, simplification of the processes has become a must. With this, Google Cloud provided an easier way to transition by introducing the Cloud Acceleration Program.

The Google Cloud partnered with system integrators and launched Lighthouse early this year. The Lighthouse is a program that helps streamline the SAP journey of the customers to the cloud. Lighthouse was evolved; hence, the coming of the Cloud Acceleration Program.

The Cloud Acceleration Program provides Google Cloud and partners’ customers with solutions that will help simplify their cloud migration process.

Customers who chose to be a part of the Cloud Acceleration Program will get many benefits which include accelerators, centres of excellence dedicated to SAP on the GCP, new architecture templates, partner-led assessment services, prototyping, and SAP-focused support. Additionally, cloud technology providers and independent software vendors (ISVs) will also participate in the program and will offer services such as code remediation assistance, near-zero-downtime migrations, and others.

Partners’ contributions for the SAP to cloud migration

Global services partners will also support the launch of the Cloud Acceleration Program. These partners include Accenture, Atos, Deloitte and HCL – each with its business units that cater specifically to Google Cloud to help customers in migrating their key applications and workloads to Google Cloud. Other partners such as Capgemini, DXC Technologies, Infosys, NTT, TCS, and Wipro will also help the global services partners in providing solutions that will simplify the migration process. Google Cloud technology provider partners such as Datavard, Gekkobrain, SNP Group, SpringML, and others, are also participating in the program.

Here are all the solutions made available by the partners:

Deloitte, an award-winning SAP partner, built a business unit from that launched a portfolio of Google Cloud-enabled SAP end-to-end cloud services called “Reimagine Everything… Anywhere.” The portfolio included industry-based leading practices on Google Cloud that will help accelerate SAP S/4 transformation. It will help SAP S/4 transformation by including industry-based leading practices made available on Google cloud. An SAP-specific API library on Apigee for SAP-to-anywhere integration was also added. Furthermore, they have also expanded their platform to welcome BigQuery and TensorFlow.

Accenture, a multinational professional services company, created and offered a solution that will allow customers to migrate their older data into cost-efficient data stores such as BigQuery. Customers are benefited from the solution because this will help reduce their SAP HANA footprint and the related infrastructure costs. Also, Accenture is creating machine learning-based applications that will help augment SAP on Google Cloud deployments.

Atos, a multinational IT service and consulting company, created a “Quick Cloud Start” program. This program lets them move the customer’s SAP environment to the Google Cloud in a timespan of less than four weeks. Also, the application will incorporate several Google Cloud-based machine learning (ML) offerings that will speed up the automation and innovation. This will also ensure SAP connectors for seamless integration of SAP data to BigQuery.

Datavard, a Germany-based software company, provided solutions that will assist in migrating data from SAP to BigQuery, archive SAP data, reports and decommission purposes.

Gekkobrain, a software company based in Denmark, offers industry-leading code remediation capabilities. These capabilities automatically clean up more than 90% of the custom code, which is a critical part of the SAP migrations.

NTT created an industry template for manufacturing, automotive or automotive supply. They have also created a Life Sciences Platform-as-a-Service offering which will be launched on Google Cloud.

SNP has its own CrystalBridge platform. This platform allows customers to select applications, data, and workloads to migrate to the cloud with almost no downtime. They offer customers alternatives to brownfield or greenfield S/4HANA migration options.

Spring ML build smart workflows for SAP users using Google Cloud. It also includes unique offerings on document processing, sales forecasting and other preventive maintenance services which lets SAP users innovate quickly on the Google Cloud.

Wipro developed SAP workload migration framework named ‘Safe Passage to GCP.’ This framework provides low-risk yet accelerated and less disruptive ways to migrate on the Google cloud platform. It is expected to help customers with automated discovery, assessment, and migration as well as the maintenance of SAP landscapes on the cloud.

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