Emily Penn Sails with SAP for the Oceans

Emily Penn Partners with SAP in Advocacy for the Oceans

Technology Times reported that SAP has partnered with eXXpedition, an initiative with an all-women team led by ocean advocate Emily Penn, in its advocacy for cleaner oceans by the year 2030.

eXXpedition and Emily Penn sent an invitation to 300 women to join them in the next phase of their journey: sail 38,000 nautical miles in 30 stages. Their mission is to explore the science of and to find solutions to address the ocean plastic problem. The initiative encourages women to become ambassadors in combatting pollution in our oceans.

Emily Penn and the team are looking to raise awareness to a higher level with help from SAP’s scientific data.

Penn shared her excitement on the partnership with SAP. She said:

“I’m incredibly excited to join forces with SAP to improve the health of our ocean by bringing together the energy of our eXXpedition community and our scientific research with SAP’s innovative technologies.”

Furthermore, Penn shared that the bigger problem is finding ways to end the plastic pollution problem by focusing more on preventing plastics from coming into the ocean. She added that businesses need to take a step forward, just like what SAP has done.

SAP will be gathering and sharing data and insights from the voyages completed by eXXpedition and provide customers, governments, non-governmental agencies (NGOs) and partners with solutions that will help reduce—eventually, eliminate—waste, maximise the productivity of resources and raise awareness on the importance of cleaning the oceans.

The SAP Plastics Cloud, a pilot program deployed in 2019, was one of the steps taken in helping reduce wastes produced by single-use plastics. It will become the foundation for a custom-built digital platform that will support Emily and the eXXpedition team in educating people on the ways they can reduce waste within their local communities.

The program will be enabled by the Ariba Network and will allow brands to connect with new recycled plastics and alternative supply sources.

One of the 300 women who will be joining Emily Penn on one of the legs of the journey is the Global Sustainability Lead for Innovation Services and solutions at SAP, Natasha Pergl.

Pergl shared that she has never experienced sailing before; however, she will be joining the Galapagos to Easter Island Pacific leg of the all-women ocean voyage next week. 

Natasha shared that she considered this an opportunity of a lifetime and that as a child, she was curious about historical expeditions. She said that she was intrigued to know how things work in voyages. She also shared that she was born a problem solver and bet her confidence in the team to solve challenges related to plastics. But she emphasised it is only possible with the right knowledge and collaboration.

Pergl also said that she understands the work done by researchers, and scientists like Emily need data to inform the business world. She also added that it would help in impacting more positive changes in the future.

One of the ways they are looking at solving the problem is the creation of a circular manufacturing and supply chain process. Pergl intends to record the experiences and participate in the science on board. She added that she is looking forward to learning more from her fellow crew members and will be sharing insights with business leaders and NGOs as well as helping in the development of the SAP solutions and services.

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