CPWD India’s ERP Cloud System Adoption with Tech Mahindra

CPWD India's ERP Cloud System Adoption with Tech Mahindra

Indian multinational technology company Tech Mahindra has been appointed as the systems integrator for the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) India’s digital transformation strategy with the implementation of an automated enterprise resource planning (ERP) cloud system supported by SAP SE and Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS).

Director of Enterprise Resource Planning at CPWD, Satyendra P. Gupta commented during a live streaming session with SiliconANGLE Media on the selection of Tech Mahindra,

“Tech Mahindra has started the implementation process we are in. More than four months have passed since then, and we have covered a lot. The whole objective of this implementation is all our activities will be done on this [new] ERP system.”

He adds that he is expecting the workflow efficiency of the CPWD unit to improve significantly with the implementation of the new ERP cloud system. He adds,

“By the click of the button, we will be able to get all the inputs, all the reports with what is going on across the country. So, it is going to be really a transformation to the working of the department, and, as a whole, the entire public work center of the country. Everybody is going to benefit, not only the Central Public Works Department but all of our stakeholders.”

The government of India has been actively working on the country’s growth and development through digital transformation. Several upgrades in the digital infrastructure, the introduction of online services for citizens, and developing a business-friendly ecosystem have been implemented recently—highlighting the country’s dedication to setting an example for other developing countries in leveraging technology.

To aid the country’s goals and vision, the CPWD put forward this project to implement an ERP cloud system in October last year. As India’s principal engineering organization, the government unit is set to execute construction, maintenance, and beautification work for the central government across the country. According to a report, the ERP cloud system project has an estimated cost of Rs 180 crore.

Tech Mahindra’s ERP Cloud System Implementation Plans

According to Gautam Chatterje, Sales Leader for India Public Sector at Tech Mahindra, the CPWD wanted to automate multiple applications and processes to streamline the government unit’s workflow across the country. To do this, the systems integrator brought in SAP for the SAP HANA implementation. He said SAP HANA will be the primary business application for the CPWD’s new ERP cloud system.

This, along with several other database applications such as eTendering, third-party tools for performance testing, management and monitoring, as well as the complete infrastructure and platform will be hosted to the cloud on the AWS platform.

Chatterje explains,

“We engaged AWS from the beginning itself—the AWS team and the SAP team. And we had multiple interactions with the customer. We understood the challenges. We understood the number of users, number of iterations, number of redundancy, number of high availability they will require. Along with AWS and SAP, all three of us together have the complete solutions, architecture so that overall impact comes to CPWD as the customer—the ultimate results and the business output they deserve.”

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