NTT Communications launches SAP HANA Menu on Enterprise Cloud

SAP HANA Menu on Enterprise Cloud

NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) has launched SAP HANA Menu on its Enterprise Cloud service, providing growing enterprises with the flexibility to deploy core systems including SAP HANA for short periods with no upfront costs and no minimum service requirements.

By offering the SAP HANA Menu option on Enterprise Cloud, NTT Com plans to deliver Global Management One, the cloud platform and management service for SAP HANA, uniformly, ensuring global governance and reducing IT operations and maintenance costs.

The scalable cloud-based service, which is currently available in Japan, will be available globally by the end of 2016.

Fees for the new service are calculated according to usage, providing customers with affordable access to the SAP HANA environment when they need it without needing to purchase the full SAP HANA appliance.

NTT Com is delivering the service as a SAP HANA set based on tailored data centre integration to supply SAP HANA-verified hardware such as storage, network components and servers. According to NTT Com, this reduces implementation time as well as providing fast and stable access to the systems as a development, verification and production environment.

The SAP HANA Set 256GB plan with a starting price of JPY 276,800 per month comprises the bare-metal server, file storage service and SAP HANA Menu solution package. A 512GB plan is expected to be available starting in May.

NTT Com launched a greatly strengthened Enterprise Cloud in Japan on March 1 and in the UK on March 22, and shortly intends to launch the expanded service in Singapore and the US, with more countries to follow. SAP HANA Set is scheduled to be rolled out along with the expanded Enterprise Cloud service in those areas.