Why you can’t rely on systems integrators for SAP security

Systems Integrators for SAP Security

Managing SAP security is now more complex than ever. With the impending deadline to upgrade to S/4 HANA driving ever greater adoption – and increasing levels of external access and interconnectivity  – the cyber threat to SAP has never been higher. The level of expertise and knowledge required to appropriately manage SAP security have grown as a result – placing a greater focus on SAP security, and those who manage it.

However, when supporting SAP implementations, some systems integrators (SI’s) don’t consider security highly enough – focusing too much on the functional aspects of the project in order to get the project over the line as efficiently as possible.

This is unsurprising as today, whilst having great functional experience, few systems integrators have the skills to safeguard SAP effectively. But not doing so at the point of implementation can have considerable consequences:

1. Overspent budgets

Projects often go over budget due to avoidable and costly retrospective security remediation. 

2. Missed deadlines

Retrospective remediation doesn’t only cost money, it costs time – often resulting in missed project deadlines.

3. Auditor rejection

When it comes to the project being approved, either by auditors or internal teams, if the appropriate security measures haven’t been implemented it’s unlikely to get the go-ahead.

4. Business downtime

If left unchecked, poor security controls can result downtime – restricting user access to your business-critical application.

Often a more effective approach to implementation is to employ an SAP security specialist to work alongside an SI – bringing together great functional experience with the right security expertise. But how does this work in reality? How can SAP security specialists work alongside SIs?

Find the answers in the next part of Turnkey’s 7-part video series – where Turnkey’s global management team met to address some of the biggest challenges facing SAP security professionals today.

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