SAP SuccessFactors HR Tools Transform Vietnamese Companies


The adoption of SAP SuccessFactors HR solutions has allowed Vietnamese businesses to streamline their operations and focus on providing a better experience for their employees.

Organizations are at an inflection moment in terms of employee experience as they try to accommodate a growing number of remote workers without sacrificing company culture, agility, or productivity, according to a new Forrester report jointly published by tech companies SAP, Qualtrics, and EY. The research also showed that investing in the employee experience pays off in huge dividends for the business as a whole.

Additionally, 59% of human resource (HR) managers and 67% of business leaders believe that employee experience efforts have a favorable effect on workforce agility. The majority of workers (80%) believe that focusing on the employee experience has a positive impact on their productivity and quality of their work. On the other hand, 77%  of HR managers have reported an increase in revenue as a result of employee experience programs, and 61% have indicated an increase in profitability.

Earlier this month, SAP hosted a dialogue program dubbed Sustainable Workforce – Trends Impacting Your People, which drew HR managers and executives from a diverse variety of industries. The event was an opportunity for attendees to discuss the challenges and opportunities they face when it comes to sustaining a workforce. Topics of discussion included the impact of automation on employment, the role of technology in employee experience, and the need for upskilling and reskilling programs.

Human experience at work is becoming increasingly essential for businesses to maintain a productive and engaged workforce in the modern economy. Daikin Vietnam, Vietcombank, NovaGroup, Techcombank, and Coca-Cola, among other Vietnamese enterprises, understand the importance of — or the seriousness with which they should approach — the employee experience.

Noting that organizations that truly want to fulfill their potential as sustainable, intelligent enterprises place people at the heart of everything they do, Nguyen Hong Viet, Managing Director at SAP Vietnam, shared:

“Connecting data, technology, and business strategy enables every organization to create a sustainable workforce where employees have the agency to shape their careers and feel valued for their contributions is paramount to meet your desired business goals. Companies that embark on digital HR transformation will enjoy faster rates of innovation, higher market share gains, and greater operational efficiencies than their industry counterparts.”

Implementing SAP SuccessFactors HR Technologies

To further enable HR as the strategic business partner, Daikin Vietnam — a market leader in the country’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry — is embracing digital transformation. As a whole, the company’s mission is to become the “best place to work” in the country by providing exceptional service to all employees, from the time they are hired until they retire. Since this was the case, Daikin Vietnam began its HR digital transformation journey using SAP SuccessFactors, making it one of the first implementations in the country’s HVAC sector.

According to Nguyen Thanh Thuy, Head of HR at Daikin Vietnam, employees could access HR services in a completely self-service approach whenever and wherever they needed them thanks to the SAP SuccessFactors implementation. Not only did the organization eliminate up to 75% of paper-based HR decisions, but it also reduced the time it takes to complete an HR transaction from three to 10 business days.

“The deployment of SAP SuccessFactors is an integral component of Daikin Vietnam’s effort to create a more agile human resource model, and is testament to their strategic focus on the employee experience,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, accurate reporting, excessive paperwork, and delayed approval processes were the major HR difficulties Vietcombank faced before adopting SAP SuccessFactors. By the end of Phase 2 implementation, the foreign trade bank had automated and self-serviced its HR processes, increased employee productivity by helping them better connect their personal goals with the company’s, and improved employee engagement.

Hong Quang, Member of the Board of Directors and Head of HR Department at Vietcombank, further explained:

“SAP SuccessFactors allowed better transparency and access to employee data for better insights and decision-making. For example, with better insight into the current skills of our workforce, we can align training closely to our employees’ working process, and effectively re-skilling our workforce for the digital economy.”

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