SAP Software Solutions Reinvent Singtel’s 5G-Powered Approach


In an ambitious technological fusion, Singapore-based telecommunications colossus, Singtel, is joining forces with SAP, a globally recognized leader in software development. This partnership will catalyze the creation of a state-of-the-art 5G-enabled edge computing solution, provisionally dubbed the Intelligent Edge Aggregator (IEA).

As the wave of 5G technology reshapes the contemporary digital landscape, Singtel seeks to pioneer the adoption of this next-generation tech. The telecommunications company is on a mission to turbocharge its network structure, infusing it with advanced cloud functionality and formidable computing capabilities. Their vehicle for this metamorphosis is the Intelligent Edge Aggregator, conceived to be developed atop Singtel’s unique Paragon platform and fortified by the extensive 5G networks that Singtel has diligently cultivated within Singapore.

Through the IEA, Singtel’s customer base will be afforded seamless access and integration of SAP software solutions into their existing infrastructure. This occurs right at the precipice of the cloud server edge. Thanks to the superlative speed offered by 5G technology, customers can anticipate a revolutionary improvement in their network speeds, latency, and bandwidth. Singtel intends to embed the IEA solution within its broad catalog of current enterprise solutions, creating an innovative blend of 5G technology and advanced software solutions.

SAP Software and Singtel’s IEA: A Tech Revolution

But this collaboration doesn’t stop at the boundaries of Singapore; Singtel and SAP envision a much broader canvas. They’ve drafted a go-to-market strategy designed to propagate this comprehensive solution across the Asia Pacific region, bringing their technological revolution to countries such as Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and India.

Dennis Wong, Vice President of Enterprise 5G and Platforms at Singtel, spoke excitedly about this first-of-its-kind collaboration, marking the first time SAP has united with a telecommunications company in Asia Pacific Japan to offer 5G-enabled edge computing solutions. Utilizing SAP’s Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), this partnership seeks to answer the call of increasingly complex enterprise needs, such as implementing computer vision applications and boosting workplace safety.

Singtel anticipates the IEA to become a catalyst for businesses, providing real-time insights that support informed, timely decision-making for urgent business requirements. The solution is also set to offer particular value to industries such as manufacturing and logistics, with applications like autonomous delivery robotics, defect detection, and automated quality checks.

Pioneering a New Era of Innovation

This partnership’s announcement was made during the SAP flagship event, SAP NOW SEA, hosted in Singapore. During the event, SAP took the opportunity to present several other strategic collaborations, including one with the venture capital firm, B Capital.

Utkarsh Maheshwari, Chief Partner Officer of Asia Pacific Japan at SAP, believes the collaboration represents a significant milestone. Singtel’s extensive 5G network and high-speed connectivity in Singapore made it a natural partner choice for SAP. As more businesses continue to embrace digital transformation, Maheshwari hopes this partnership will encourage broader cloud adoption across industries, fostering deeper integration with SAP’s suite of software solutions.

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