SAP Inside Track Fosters Collaboration and Innovation in India


In the sprawling tech metropolis of Bengaluru, the most recent gathering of SAP Inside Track not only illuminated the brilliance of shared knowledge and innovation but also redefined the scope and scale of community-driven events.

From its humble beginnings two decades ago, the SAP Inside Track Bengaluru edition is now an epoch-making event in the SAP community’s calendar. This year, it outdid itself, pulling in a whopping 1,400 attendees. This figure wasn’t just a number but signified the confluence of SAP community members, customers, partners, and freelancers. The participation saw a diverse representation spanning sectors, from Automobile and Manufacturing to Retail and IT.

Sindhu Gangadharan, the dynamic MD and SVP of SAP Labs India, kickstarted the event with a message that resonated deeply with the audience. She artfully wove the narrative that SAP Inside Track isn’t merely an event. Instead, it’s a monumental gathering, driven by its community members, tailored for enthusiasts and professionals, acting as a melting pot of ideas and innovations.

Furthermore, she emphasized the event’s significance, representing the thriving SAP community in India. Through her perspective, one could discern the community’s metamorphosis over the years, with it now being instrumental in nurturing the subsequent generation of SAP prodigies.

A Dive into SAP Inside Track’s Technological Marvels

With a packed and diverse agenda, attendees had a buffet of over 70 tracks to choose from. Each session was designed meticulously and steered by industry leaders and subject matter experts from SAP’s vast ecosystem. The discussions spanned a spectrum of innovations and developments within SAP’s product arsenal.

Sessions offered detailed insights on trailblazing topics like SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), SAP S/4HANA, SAP Success Factors, and SAP Build. The discourses ventured into areas of User Experience, with a focus on SAP Design Topics and the efficient world of SAP Concur.

Moreover, practical and hands-on sessions were intricately woven into the event’s fabric. These sessions, designed to offer pragmatic and actionable insights, covered areas like SAP BTP, Data-to-value strategy, Sustainability, SAP Concur, RISE with SAP, Gen AI Strategy, SAP Business AI, and various other cross-topics.

Adding gravitas to the event’s stature were renowned speakers from global giants: Razor Pay, Capgemini, Walmart Global Tech, Deloitte, Mercedes Benz, Ikea, Bosch, AWS, TCS, and EY, to name a few. Their narratives, filled with success stories and candid revelations about their integration journey with SAP, were both educational and inspiring for the attendees.

Creating Bridges Across the Nation

SAP Inside Track’s appeal wasn’t limited to Bengaluru’s boundaries. Reflecting its pan-Indian allure, the event saw attendees from different corners of the country, including metropolitan hubs like Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, and Chennai.

One of the event’s standout features was an interactive segment dedicated to hands-on experiences. This wasn’t just a token gesture but an immersive foray into real-world application. Over 200 passionate attendees rolled up their sleeves, resulting in the creation of an astounding 235 apps on SAP, all within the event’s timeframe.

The SAP Inside Track Bengaluru edition was more than just a conference or gathering. It was a testament to the synergies of collaboration, the fruits of innovation, and the power of a community bound by shared goals and vision. The monumental success of this event isn’t just in its record-breaking attendance but in its ability to inspire, motivate, and act as a beacon for the entire SAP community.

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