SAP Consultancy in Focus: Fujitsu’s Acquisition of Thailand’s ICS


In a market dominated by swift digital evolutions, Fujitsu stands out with its strategic moves. The acquisition of Thailand’s Innovation Consulting Services (ICS) has positioned Fujitsu as an unyielding force in the Asia Pacific domain. Aiming to enhance its SAP consultancy and managed service repertoire, this acquisition aligns perfectly with Fujitsu’s grand design of reigning supreme in global digital transformation.

The acquisition of ICS isn’t an isolated incident. It marks Fujitsu’s seventh monumental acquisition since 2021, delineating the company’s assertive M&A strategy. This deliberate move is tailored to carve a dominant digital niche and accentuate its capabilities.

Incorporated in 2002, ICS boasts a history rich in proficiency. This expertise is poised to work harmoniously with Fujitsu’s ambitions. Especially as it pertains to amplifying Fujitsu’s “Business Applications,” an imperative component of its global Uvance portfolio.

Moreover, with ICS under its wing, Fujitsu is set to elevate its stature in Uvance’s cross-industry verticals. These verticals comprise of Sustainable Manufacturing, Consumer Experience, Trusted Society, and Healthy Living. It is essential to note that these aren’t mere corporate jargon. They underscore Fujitsu’s commitment to devising solutions for humanity’s most compelling challenges.

The alliance between Fujitsu and ICS is more than a corporate merger. It is a collaboration fueled by mutual SAP experience and an impeccable professional lineage. The blend promises to fortify Fujitsu’s position in the market, allowing it to deliver unparalleled SAP solutions at an unprecedented pace.

Graeme Beardsell, Chief Executive Officer at Fujitsu Asia Pacific, has been vocal about the symbiotic nature of this partnership. For him and Fujitsu at large, SAP is not just a technological platform. It’s the bedrock of their growth narrative, playing a pivotal role in navigating the complex avenues of Digital and Sustainability Transformation for their vast client base. His vision includes leveraging this partnership to fortify the Asia Pacific SAP Community of Skills, thereby streamlining their Global Delivery Centres.

Fujitsu Acquires Thai SAP Consultancy Innovation Consulting Services

While mergers are often eyed with a hint of skepticism, considering the possible dilution of brand values, this union is different. Both entities are determined to not only broaden their horizons for new clients but also to nurture their existing customer relationships. This will be meticulously achieved by tapping into their collective strengths.

On the home turf, Fujitsu Thailand Managing Director Kanokkamon Laohaburanakit showcased palpable enthusiasm regarding the merger. In his view, this partnership isn’t just a business move. It’s a catalyst to accelerate problem-solving capacities, weaving the competencies of Fujitsu Thailand and ICS into a formidable solution powerhouse.

Echoing this optimism, ICS Chief Executive Officer Panadda Promwongsak shed light on the merger’s potential. For Promwongsak, this isn’t just an acquisition; it’s an avenue to amplify ICS’s service capabilities. From bolstering their cloud solutions to diversifying consulting, the merger paves the way for holistic growth. Additionally, it promises a vibrant professional playground for ICS’s workforce, granting them global exposure.

Fujitsu’s inclusion of ICS into its fold is more than a mere corporate strategy; it’s a significant evolution in the SAP consultancy landscape of the Asia Pacific. Their shared vision, mutual respect for expertise, and an undying passion for innovation make this partnership uniquely poised for success. As they march forward, the duo promises a transformative journey for the industry, their clients, and the digital realm at large.

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