Recognizing SAP as a Company that Enables Enterprises in China


An award recognizing SAP as a company that enables Chinese enterprises through innovation was recently given to the German enterprise software giant.

Renowned global IT company SAP has been providing enterprises in China with digital transformation solutions for many years. It offers comprehensive technology, tools, and services to enable Chinese businesses to become faster, more agile, and more efficient. SAP’s cutting-edge products and services allow local companies to increase their operational performance, streamline processes, reduce costs and improve customer experiences.

Additionally, the company also provides advanced analytics capabilities which enable organizations to gain deeper insights into their customers’ data, helping them make better decisions that will drive growth and profitability. By recognizing SAP as an organization that helps enterprises in China achieve success through innovative technology solutions, it is clear why the firm has become such a trusted partner for customers across the country.

Furthermore, SAP has recently been given the 2022 China’s Most Respected Company Award for an impressive five consecutive years, cementing its position as one of the most highly regarded companies in China. This recognition is a testament to SAP’s commitment to providing innovative and reliable solutions that meet the needs of businesses across all sectors in the region. (InsideSAP Asia often references articles from websites in other languages to bring you as much information as possible.) 

The award also serves as an affirmation of the German tech giant’s ongoing dedication to delivering top-notch products and services that help its customers succeed and thrive in these challenging times. Commenting on the announcement, Dr. Huang Chenhong, Executive Vice President of SAP and President of SAP Greater China, shared in a statement:

“We are very pleased to receive this award again. Rooted in China for 30 years, SAP has always adhered to the original intention of ‘in China, for China’, and actively promoted the development of Chinese enterprises. In the past 30 years, SAP has witnessed the take-off of China’s economy and accompanied the growth of Chinese enterprises. In the future, we will actively empower smart, collaborative and green “new Chinese enterprises” to contribute to the growth of China’s economy and make greater contributions to high-quality development.”

SAP Wins Economic Observer’s “2022 China’s Most Respected Company” Award

The distinguished title of 2022 China’s Most Respected Company is an honor presented by the highly respected business media Economic Observer. This esteemed annual selection has been running for a remarkable 21 years and is widely recognized as one of the most influential recognitions within the Chinese business landscape.

This year’s selection process has evaluated nearly 100 companies based on a variety of criteria, including their potential for steady growth, commitment to social responsibility, and capacity for innovation. SAP is the only enterprise application software provider chosen to be included on the list, demonstrating its extensive industry leadership.

Dr. Huang also recently achieved the remarkable distinction of being named “2022 CEO of the Year for Outstanding MNCs in China”. Following his appointment as President of SAP Greater China in 2021, Dr. Huang has gone on to successfully steer SAP’s growth and development in the Chinese market by introducing fresh ideas and strategies that have reinvigorated its presence there.

Accelerating Digital Transformation for Chinese Customers

Under China’s new development pattern, SAP has identified the acceleration of digital transformation, the synergy of the industrial chain under the “dual cycle” structure, and the crucial objective of achieving a “dual carbon” balance as key trends influencing enterprise development. With these developments in mind, companies must strive to keep pace with changing technological advancements and find innovative solutions to drive progress toward their desired goals.

SAP is dedicated to revolutionizing how “new Chinese enterprises” operate in this cloud-driven era, providing them with a comprehensive suite of solutions for their digital transformation. The RISE with SAP offering, in particular, is an end-to-end solution that helps businesses manage their entire digital transformation journey, from the initial assessment and planning stages to implementation and ongoing support. The Business Transformation as a Service (BTaaS) solution also provides access to a wide range of best practices, tools, and resources to help customers succeed in the digital world.
Many Chinese customers have taken the first step towards digital transformation and are now leveraging SAP’s BTaaS cloud offering. Prominent among them are Hisense Group, Zoomlion, and Shandong Jingbo Holding Development Co., Ltd. All of these organizations have recognized that intelligent enterprise solutions can help them stay competitive in their respective markets by unlocking real-time insights from data analytics, streamlining business processes to increase efficiency, and utilizing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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