New Products of SAP in Sustainability Management Debut in Japan


The industry-leading position of SAP in sustainability management has recently been strengthened with the latest offering called “Sustainability Service Package”, which is aimed at supporting Japanese organizations in realizing their environmental goals.

Today, sustainability has become an indispensable part of corporate management, but many companies are still lacking the knowledge on how to start their efforts when it comes to sustainable practices. Fortunately, there are many different types of sustainability management programs in place that can help with this issue.

For example, SAP started its sustainability initiatives in 2009, with the aim of promoting its own initiatives to be an industry leader in sustainability and to develop specific products and solutions that assist in the development of sustainable consumption. The company has remained committed to its green agenda and is today seen as an exemplar for other corporations around the world when it comes to sustainable business practices.

Furthermore, the German tech giant has been working to develop a variety of projects over the past few years with the goal of achieving zero in all aspects of climate change, recycling, and inequality. The company’s efforts include a plan towards zero carbon emissions and developing a recycling economy that is geared towards zero waste. These projects are part of SAP’s more recent response to the concept of sustainability; their social responsibility strategy aims to create a more balanced world with a focus on building communities that are socially and environmentally conscious.

In recent years, SAP has provided many solutions to assist customers with their sustainability goals. One of the most popular is SAP Product Footprint Management which is one of the tools that can be used to calculate and manage CO2 emissions from a company’s products, both from within and outside the company, in an itemized format. 

Last May, during the SAP Sapphire conference in Orlando, the company announced a new direction for expanding the SAP Product Footprint Management. A supply chain managed by any given company typically spans across multiple industrial sectors, and consists of heterogeneous networks and software that are linked to implement an effective decarbonization plan.

Latest SAP Sustainability Solutions in Japan

SAP has been created and developed as not only a tool for an individual company to measure their carbon emissions, but also as a way for other companies to be able to measure these emissions in order to comply with the standards of the Partnership for Carbon Transparency (PACT) of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The API for carbon data linkage is installed on SAP Product Footprint Management, intending to provide an interactive mapping to see how a company’s CO2 emissions are influenced by their suppliers and customers.

In Japan, SAP’s local subsidiary has announced plans to promote environmental sustainability in the workplace, focusing on reducing the ecological footprint of their headquarters building. In order to do so, they are evaluating how the company operates and what policies they offer. Additionally, SAP Japan is also looking at how to make SAP products more environmentally friendly and promote green initiatives at home and abroad.

Moreover, SAP Japan has announced their latest “Sustainability Service Package” which provides comprehensive support from the planning stages to the development and introduction of sustainability management solutions for companies. This time, the company’s service package offers complete support for a variety of issues faced by business such as “customer recycling,” “energy conservation,” and “waste reduction.” (InsideSAP Asia often references articles from websites in other languages to bring you as much information as possible.)

As part of the latest announcement, SAP Japan will offer a service for customers interested in building solutions with minimal initial investment. The quick start service provides a basic set of features that are designed to quickly provide value to businesses. This includes the SAP Product Footprint Management, which will help organizations document their compliance with sustainability requirements. The SAP Responsible Design and Production solution, which will help facilitate the transition of businesses to a circular economy through sustainable products, is also included in the quick start service.

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