IPAK Migrates to Cloud Computing SAP Software


A strategic partnership has been forged between SAP, a leading enterprise software company globally, and International Packaging Films Limited (IPAK). The core goal of this ambitious alliance is to leverage the power of cloud computing SAP software and migrate IPAK’s entire data ecosystem to the cloud. This operation will primarily employ the innovative S/4HANA Cloud solution—an ERP solution intelligently crafted for cloud computing.

Abacus Consulting, a global partner of SAP known for its expertise and cutting-edge solutions, is another critical player in this transformative alliance. The synergy between the trio—SAP, Abacus Consulting, and IPAK—has been instrumental in reshaping IPAK’s business processes. By employing RISE with SAP, a comprehensive cloud-based toolkit for digital transformation, IPAK’s digital infrastructure has undergone a significant overhaul. This transition has not only been seamless but has also modernized their operations, making them more innovative and efficient.

Within a remarkable timeframe of just six months, Abacus Consulting has managed to deploy the S/4HANA Cloud solution. This swift transition, powered by cloud computing SAP software, has restructured IPAK’s operations. Innovation has been spurred across various business functions such as Total Records, Cash Management, Data Services, Integration Services, and SAP Deployment Services. This strategic move clearly aligns with the current trend among enterprises—the ‘Cloud-First’ approach—which is seen as an effective strategy to hasten the digital transformation.

“RISE with SAP is the best approach, recognized by IPAK leadership, and reflected strongly in their commitment to partnering with world-class leaders to realize their business transformation journey, thus creating great value for all stakeholders,” Abacus Consulting Technology Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Fatima Asad-Said.

Transforming IPAK’s Digital Infrastructure

As the technological landscape evolves at an exponential rate, businesses are compelled to keep pace or risk being left behind. This reality is well understood by the leadership at IPAK Group, who recognize the strategic importance of creating environments conducive to their long-term growth and sustainability. A testament to this commitment is their decision to leverage RISE with SAP, facilitated by cloud computing SAP software, to undergo a digital transformation journey.

Just as a tree reinforces its core roots to withstand storms, businesses need to strengthen their core values to thrive in the dynamic digital era. IPAK’s leadership has demonstrated this principle by successfully adopting RISE with SAP, powered by cloud computing SAP software, as a significant growth catalyst. This strategic move has substantially improved transparency, accountability, and control within IPAK’s business operations, enabling them to efficiently achieve their business objectives.

Cloud Computing Takes a Giant Leap in Pakistan

The partnership between SAP and IPAK marks a significant stage, not only for SAP’s cloud division but also for Pakistan’s burgeoning industry. As stated by Saquib Ahmad, the Managing Director of SAP in Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan, the state-of-the-art cloud solutions provided by SAP are primed to enable IPAK to significantly enhance its controls and improve its service quality. This improvement is achieved by providing seamless, bespoke solutions designed specifically to meet IPAK’s unique requirements.

“This is an important win for SAP cloud computing and a milestone in transforming the industry in Pakistan,” remarked.

In a bid to remain competitive in the digital era, IPAK’s digitalization strategy places substantial emphasis on the adoption and acceleration of cloud technologies, particularly cloud computing SAP software. This strategy has led to several positive outcomes. For one, it has resulted in significant operational efficiencies. Additionally, IPAK has gained access to industry-specific solutions and an Intelligent Automation Platform through their use of RISE with SAP.

The adherence to efficient program execution, following a methodology of defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling, is a cornerstone of SAP’s approach. This methodology ensures smooth operations and facilitates rapid, flexible implementations—an approach that has been validated through this successful partnership.

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