Diving into Digital Transformation at the SAP China Summit 2023


SAP China recently convened a landmark summit, illuminating the path forward for new Chinese enterprises navigating the cloud era. With an agenda steeped in the latest global practices and strategic implementations, the event brought together industry leaders to dissect, discuss and shape the digital transformation landscape in 2023 and beyond.

The SAP China Summit played host to an array of global business leaders and SAP partners, providing a platform for holistic, multi-dimensional dialogue on the facets of digital transformation. The event was designed with an intensive structure comprising themed forums on globalization, cloud advantage, and sustainable development. This was further enriched with transformation forums focusing on pivotal business areas such as human resources, finance, and supply chain and procurement.

These forums served as the beating heart of the summit, providing insights into the most pressing digital transformation topics of 2023. Each forum was an exploratory platform, tackling a range of issues from the practical application of AI in enterprise markets to the creation of personalized customer interactions.

A key highlight of the event was the firsthand experience SAP offered to the participants. SAP showcased its innovative utilization of AI technology in core business sectors, including finance, supply chain, and human resources.

This exhibition was not merely a display of SAP’s technical prowess; it was a demonstration of the company’s vision of AI as an integral part of the enterprise ecosystem. It underscored the immense potential of AI in revolutionizing traditional business operations and driving efficiency, reinforcing SAP’s dedication to leading the digital charge.

Voices from the Top: SAP Leadership Speaks

The perspectives of SAP’s top leaders added a layer of authenticity and vision to the proceedings. Chenhong Huang, Global Executive Vice President of SAP SE and President of SAP Greater China, spoke passionately about SAP’s long-standing relationship with Chinese enterprises. Huang further stated in a LinkedIn post:

“Over the past three decades, we have had the honor of supporting and growing with tens of thousands of customers in China. Looking ahead, we are eager to continue our journey of enabling these organizations to thrive in the future with the transformative power of SAP technology.”

Echoing these sentiments was Scott Russell, Executive Board Member, Customer Success at SAP. His comments amplified the optimism and excitement permeating the event. Russell made special mention of the positive reception to SAP’s latest business and technology showcases.

Sustainability was another central theme of the summit. Russell brought attention to the launch of the Zero Waste & Circular Economy campaign at SAP NOW Beijing, reiterating SAP’s commitment to fostering a sustainable future.

The emphasis on sustainability underscores the company’s understanding that the future of business is not just digital, but also green. It further highlighted SAP’s commitment to aligning its digital transformation objectives with sustainable goals.

DeepWay and SAP China: A Partnership for the Future

The summit was not only about discussions and showcases. It also marked the initiation of new strategic collaborations. SAP and DeepWay, a leading autonomous truck manufacturer backed by Baidu, announced a joint agreement.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of China’s new energy commercial vehicle market, this partnership signifies the role of digitalization in boosting competitive sustainability. DeepWay intends to utilize SAP’s extensive expertise in areas like enterprise resource planning, big data, and supply chain management to heighten its operational efficiency.

Looking forward, both SAP and DeepWay aim to concentrate their efforts on creating a fully integrated business ecosystem. The plan is to streamline everything from sales to payments, and from demand planning to procurement. Moreover, this comprehensive integration will not only support DeepWay’s production plan for their intelligent new energy heavy-duty truck, the DeepWay Xingchen, but it will also spur innovation in business models.

In wrapping up, the SAP China Summit 2023 was more than an event. It was also a beacon, guiding Chinese enterprises toward a future-proof existence, ready to embrace the opportunities and challenges of the digital age. SAP’s commitment to empowering these organizations was evident in each aspect of the summit, promising a future of digital prosperity.

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